Rose oil: Skin benefits and beyond. Why I love it. Why I formulate with it.

Rose oil: Skin benefits and beyond. Why I love it. Why I formulate with it.

I want to tell you about a particular ingredient in our holi(water) and our holi(oil). This beautiful ingredient comes from the rose . As you know me, I am mesmerized by roses and their femininity and beauty, but the rose has so many amazing benefits for the skin, and even on a deeper energetic level-our emotions.

There's a reason why I use roses in my skincare line. Roses have been used medicinally for thousands of years. They are full of vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. They also have antibacterial and super Anti Inflammatory properties. In Fact- Roses are full of anthocyanins/ flavonoid and polyphenols that all work as natural oxidation suppressants associated with inflammation in the skin. Rose suppresses MAPK activation and exerts strong antioxidant effects through cytokine suppression in the epidermal cell lines!

In my holi(water) the second ingredient I use is rose water. Most rose used in skincare is used with rose absolute which goes through a process where the roses are washed with hexane which makes it harsh to the skin. For this reason I only use rosa Damascena- also called bulgarian rose. Rose Damasneca contains citral, a strong antimicrobial that is necessary for vitamin A synthesis working as a natural Retinol for the skin! I love this Rose as a gentle toner because I know it won't cause irritation to the skin, soothes and gives the skin an amazing glow!

In our Holi(oil) I use Rose Oil. It takes tens of thousands of rose petals to produce a single ounce of rose oil, which makes the concentration of the oil SO medicinal. The Rose Damansea also works synergistically with the vitamin C, helichrysum and calcium found in holi(oil) which penetrates these ingredients deeper making them more active. This oil is a super antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and prevents cell damage keeping the skin looking ageless!

Using Rose on a deeper level-did you know that rose oil has the highest frequency of all the essential oils on this planet at 320 MHz compared to the human body which is 66 MHz. This is the rate of electrical energy. Everything has an electrical frequency.

Rose oil enhances the frequency of every cell, bringing balance and harmony to the body and brain. It possesses anti-depressant , psychological relaxation, improves sexual dysfunction and has anti Anxiety effects.

This is science guys. One study found that the inhalation of rose oil decreases relative sympathetic activity as measured by heart rate variability and low frequency amplitude of systolic blood pressure in healthy adult females. Other studies have found decreased anxiety and decreased pain, 30% reduction in adrenaline concentration and 40% reduction in relative sympathetic activity ( You know that fight or flight mode we seem to all be in !)

Rose is an emotional tonic of the heart and able to help heal emotional wounds. This isn't WOOWOO this is science and how rose actually changes your vibrational frequency.

Rose is AMAZING ! There are so many ways I incorporate roses in my everyday life. Both my holi(water) and Holi( oil) have done wonders for my skin. I also use rose essential oil and add a


 few drops to my diffuser and sometimes dab it on my chest, neck and wrists . Make sure you only use The highest quality oils, as quality matters!