Perimenopause Skin Tips: What To Do In Your 40's

Perimenopause Skin Tips: What To Do In Your 40's
As we enter our forties and estrogen decreases, I’ve found these tips to be the most helpful in keeping the skin supple and gorgeous at any age. 
  • Eliminate all alcohol. Alcohol prematurely ages the skin, increases wrinkles and fine lines and dries the skin out. 

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Stressed or anxious? Look into taking a taurine supplement. It’s worked wonders for me. I’m working on a formula but until then I like Thorne. 

  • Hydrate from within. Our marine collagen and pearl powder called holi (mane) hydrate your skin from within and help to decrease fine lines and wrinkles by working internally. Don’t believe me? Read the clinical data on marine collagen in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. You can also search their database for additional marine collagen studies:

  • Daily intake of the ingredient optiMSM, known as the beauty mineral- along with our French patented ceramides found in our supplement called holi (radiance) decrease the signs of aging skin. Read one of the studies on MSM here:

  • Look into Forma radiofrequency skin tightening treatments. I’ve been doing this procedure for almost fifteen years. It’s my absolutel favorite. There’s zero downtime and it’s painless. 

  • Speak to your doctor about a good prescription strength retinol.  I started using retinol when I was 28. I feel it was majorly preventative. My skin has become somewhat immune to it so I only use it on occasion at this point in my life. Alternatively I use our best selling holi (oil) ageless serum which is naturally high in vitamins A and C. It’s not sticky or greasy and unlike retinol it’s safe to use if you’re pregnant or breast feeding. 

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase. It’s mandatory and I see a major improvement with skin and hair. I even travel with it. The one from Slip is the best I found:

  • Incorporate lactic acid into your daily routine. I unlike glycolic acid it brings hydration back to the skin, protects the skin barrier, decreases pores and is effective for rosacea and sensitive skin. Over time glycolic acid strips the skin, enlarges pores and makes the skin shiny because it destroys the skin barrier. I like to use glycolic once a month because it temporarily makes the skin look polished and resurfaced, but try using it three days in a row and your skin starts to look stressed and inflamed. I love our gentle lactic acid cleanser called acid (wash) along with our best selling lactic acid anti aging creme called holi (lift)

  • Aloe. Aloe, Aloe. The reason I formulated holi (bright), our resurfacing glass face mask is because my mother told me that nothing hydrates her skin in her 60’s like aloe. We added lactic acid and French silk peptides along with cucumber distillate. I find that cucumber distillate is just as hydrating as aloe. 

  • Invest in a good vitamin c. Our holi (c) powder lasts at least four months. You create the percentage by the amount you use. If you use too much the skin will become tight. You only need a dash. This works best with our beloved holi (water). I can’t LIVE without holi (water). If you know you know!