Feminine as f**k - how to tap into your feminine energy for true connection & healing

Feminine as f**k - how to tap into your feminine energy for true connection & healing

Hey guys,

Jena here.

Life is so good, but it is always jam-packed. I formulate every single one of my products myself, which often involves flying to Europe, and on top of that, as well as living between Miami and LA, I am also involved in every single part of managing my team and the Agent Nateur strategy, creative direction, and execution. This means that I have to get a lot done and manage a lot of people across different time zones! So it can get kinda crazy.

Everyone who knows me knows that my health and wellbeing, self-care, and self-nourishment routines are so important to me, but when juggling so many things at once, sometimes I can move into my more masculine energy. However, I have realized that this isn't always conducive to me being the best version of myself, so finding a balance between my masculine and feminine energy is a vital part of my life these days. This became clearer when I understood the importance of shifting my body into the parasympathetic 'rest and digest' rather than the sympathetic 'fight or flight'. This is when our body can start to do its beautiful healing and re-building work, and for me personally, I find it easier to shift into this when I am more tapped into my feminine energy.

So, what does it mean to embrace your feminine energy?

It's a great question, and I always love to make sure that people understand the difference between masculine and feminine energy because, in today's busy, goal-oriented society, the concepts can often get overlooked.

Masculine and feminine energy are best understood through the concept of 'yin' and 'yang' energy.

Feminine energy (understood as 'Yin') is considered more receptive, passionate, nurturing, soft, vulnerable, playful, empathetic, flirtatious, and soft energy. It is known as a state of 'being' rather than a state of 'doing'. It is the moments you feel into your body and your heart space when you have a moment to yourself or as you put your hand on your chest to calm yourself. It's when you truly connect with your body and your intuition and ask what it thinks and feels.

Masculine energy (understood as more 'Yang' energy) is the opposite and is more assertive, focused on direct action, and more solution orientated. It's characterized by self-assurance, more structure, self-control, and discipline. Unlike feminine energy, this is known as a state of 'doing' rather than a state of 'being', and often, when I think I need to 'get stuff done,' this is the energy that I shift into.

Feminine energy is much more free-flowing than masculine energy. There are fewer rules. It is not restrictive or logical. It is about intuitive feeling, which often comes into play when you are more connected to yourself, and your creative thoughts and visions can then come through to you more clearly in a free-flowing manner. Being in your feminine energy is also likely to be a time of more collaborative and expressive connections.

Masculine energy, however, is more predictable and more rigid. It's about 'knowing' rather than 'flowing'. It's about getting through your to-do list and keeping life in order.

For me, embracing your feminine energy means connecting with yourself on a somatic and spiritual level because it is about feeling into your body and your soul and intuitively working out the next steps in life, business, and relationships that are right for YOU - not what everyone else is doing.

Feminine energy isn't about thinking with your mind. It's about tapping into greater consciousness and energetic forces around us that can guide us toward what is intuitively the right path for us.

Sometimes our masculine energy can take away from this flowing intuition, so how should you connect and embrace your feminine energy?

Here are my top tips. 

  1. Practice tapping into your body

Bessel Van Der Kolk always says that the body keeps the score, and more recently, Ellen Vora MD has been covering how relentless anxiety is often the body communicating to us that we are on the wrong path in life (particularly when you have gotten to the bottom of the root causes of the anxiety and its still there). If this is you, this is your body communicating with you that it feels safe, unhappy, or on the wrong path and that something needs to change to shift you back into a happy and harmonious state of being. It can also often signify that you are ignoring your greater purpose in life and that you are staying in jobs, places or around people who are not right for you or healthy for your nervous system. Your ongoing anxiety, after all, is your nervous system saying that it is not happy.

Learning to tap into the subtle messages from your body (rather than your monkey mind) is a significant way to start building an embodied connection with ourselves. This practice, just sitting and checking in with your body and your breathing and the emotions that come up, can move us away from the analytical brain and into the truth in our hearts.

For me, avoiding emotional suppression is critical. I find being in my feminine energy helpful because I intuitively know what is right and wrong and what I am ignoring in life. To tap into my feminine power, I do this by pausing to check in on myself - often when I'm alone and often when I'm with my morning routine. I love compassionately connecting with my body with my holi (body) routine or while soaking in our new holi (bath) formulation. When I do this, I start to talk to my heart and ask it how it feels. Then, I listen to the answer through the feelings in my body rather than my mind formulating a response.

Being in our feminine energy means communicating these feelings into our truth through our voice. If our body says 'no' to something, we should then say 'no' ourselves to those around us.

Feminine energy and our intuitive truth must be respected. It is the ultimate internal wisdom and will guide you in life.

  1. Be open to receiving

Often in business or relationships, we take the lead because we want to get things done. Unfortunately, when this happens, we are often in our masculine energy and can risk staying there for too long.

For me, taking a step back and relaxing and breathing into my feminine, letting others in my business take control of tasks that I know they have experience with, or letting people around me make decisions about where we should go to dinner (for example), is a great way to practice into the art of 'being' rather than 'doing' and letting others take the lead when you want to practice softening back.

If I have had a more 'masculine' day at work (with high stress, lots of decision-making, and 100 moving parts), I will ensure that the evening holds some sacred feminine time for me. Perhaps I will soak with holi (bath) for the evening, or maybe I will cook in a loving, warm, and nurturing way for me and my body or someone that I love. This is an easy way for me to shift back into my feminine in the warmth and comfort of my home - another space that I absolutely adore. 

  1. Engage in a judgment detox

So much of our masculine energy is about making judgments (about ourselves, those around us, and the state of the world), and this energy is often highly analytical and critical. I like to take specific time where I will take some time out from the world on a daily and weekly basis and talk kindly to myself - ensuring that there is no internal judgment about myself or others around me. I find this works best when I am on holiday and I can practice connecting back with myself in really beautiful surroundings. Doing this in the mirror is even better because it's something that none of us do and is super uncomfortable until you truly can come face to face with your truth. 

  1. Embrace your sexuality

A key part of feminine energy is about nurturing a loving connection with our bodies and also being able to accept being worshiped and adored. This is something that I think that many people struggle with today.

Formulating the holi (sex) intimate oil has been an incredible experience, and using the product always helps me shift into my feminine. It is the goddess of intimate oils. I always wanted people to be able to connect with themselves without being worried about irritation from other lotions or having anything stop them from connecting with themselves.

Self-intimacy is critical for feminine energy, and this product works for everyone and is so amazing for people who experience dryness on a day-to-day basis during intimacy and life. This can stem from so many things (hormones, menopause, antibiotics, birth control, nervous system dysregulation and more) and I want to help people get back into their feminine energy so they can be happy, healthy, worshipped & adored.

For those in sacred unions, communicating to your partner that you want to practice relaxing into your feminine energy can be a great way to start and they can start to take the lead more in the day-to-day relationship, if this is something that they feel comfortable with. Schedule time for self-pleasure and partnership connection if you are in a dominant masculine-heavy role or lifestyle.

  1. Dress the part

Relaxing into your feminine energy can be helpful when you *feel* feminine. This doesn't mean dressing in an ultra-feminine way, but it can be dressing in whatever way that makes you feel attractive, ready to be cherished, and unique. My sense of style is so important to me and what I wear is a huge part of how I show up in the world. Does a specific outfit spring to mind that makes you feel ultra-connected to yourself in?

Maybe it's getting dressed to go to dinner, or perhaps it's about connecting to yourself at home. Whatever it is, become clear on it, and then in those moments, let it flow.

  1. Connect with nature

Ancient wisdom considers connecting with nature and natural elements as a really important way that we can start to relax into our feminine energy and also connect with the healing, restorative powers of the world. When I'm in Miami, my apartment looks out over the ocean, which is such an incredible place for me to be. When I'm in LA, or when I'm traveling, I also try to incorporate the elements of nature into my wellbeing routine. Think water (soaking in a hot bath or the ocean), fire (lighting candles) or wind (taking a walk outside), as well as getting my feet on the earth whenever I can.

This is a key part of my process of coming back to myself and how to just 'be' rather than 'do'. Welcoming your feminine energy in through nature is beautiful.

So, these are my top tips for shifting into your feminine energy. I believe that moving into my feminine is one of the reasons that I am so potent at achieving all I desire in my masculine because my energies are well balanced. I have learned to shift between the two states, appreciating both in a way that allows for the fullness of who I am. My life, in turn, has become richer.

Understanding my feminine energy is critical. It is a deep well of creative energy, inspiration, and sensuality, and I personally think it is medicine for the spirit.

How do you tap into your feminine? I'd love to know.

Love Jena x