Name a better combination than holi(c) and holi(water)

Name a better combination than holi(c) and holi(water)

There are some things in life that work perfectly together and the Agent Nateur combination of holi (c) and holi (water) is a game changing fan favorite combination that you NEED to know about.

Using these two products together creates the most beautiful, moisturizing, deeply hydrating and rejuvenating experience that regenerates your skin so much more powerfully than other product combinations out there on the market.

Let’s chat through each product individually before looking at how and why they work so amazingly well together. 

First up, holi (c). It’s a complexion saving product - it’s the only way we can describe it! We all know the power of Vitamin C, but the holi (c) product is a Calcium and Vitamin C combo (Calcium Ketogluconate and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). This product is totally unique and comes in a dry powder formula that won’t oxidize, ever, which means that you will receive all of its regenerative benefits.

The Calcium ketogluconate is a French-patented natural complex molecule that helps restore the skin’s elasticity for a youthful, plump appearance. This non-toxic ingredient has been clinically-tested to smooth the look of fine lines and improve the skin’s texture for a sculpted, contoured, and lifted look.

Calcium ketogluconate also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and supports elastin synthesis to promote cell regeneration, strengthens the skin barrier, and offers long-lasting hydration. When used twice a day for 28 days in in vivo studies, it increased skin elasticity by 16% and decreased skin fatigue and sagging by 27%, reducing the appearance of fine lines and visibly firming the skin. Our Agent Nateur calcium ketogluconate is French-patented, Ecocert certified, and truly one-of-a-kind.  Win.

And the Vitamin C in the product? This isn't your typical Ascorbic acid.  It’s called Sodium ascorbyl phosphate. This is a potent yet gentle form of vitamin C that is readily absorbed by your skin. It has been clinically-proven to help brighten the complexion’s appearance, improve skin’s texture, and reduce the look of fine lines and age spots.

And the thing that pairs most magically with holi (c)? holi (water).

Our holi (water) is a beautifully hydrating serum that uses organic plant extracts, precious minerals, and natural acid to improve the skin’s elasticity, tighten pores, and gently remove expired cells to reveal a hydrated, dewy glow.

It’s pumped full of hyaluronic acid in a form much superior to other mainstream beauty brands. Ours has a higher molecular weight, and what this means is that the larger the molecule, the more water it can carry, which naturally amounts to greater hydration of the skin and all of its layers.

When the hyaluronic acid in our holi (water) comes in contact with the skin, it forms a film that captures water and keeps it at the surface, almost like a reservoir of hydration on the surface of your skin. Not only is it actively bringing water into the skin and drawing it downwards, but it’s also preventing the removal and expulsion of water that’s found deep in the dermis, upwards.

It is the ultimate hydration and works its magic from the outside in and the inside out.

And both together? Now, This is where the combo comes in.

For unparalleled results, we adore using holi (water) with holi (c) together - it is the most amazing experience.

We recommend using a pea sized amount of the holi (c), mixed with some sprays of holi (water), in the palm of your hand before application.

Mixing these two already powerful products ensures the additional benefits of all of the calming ingredients of the holi (water).

Think not only the hyaluronic acid but also the rosa damascena oil, lavender water, and cucumber water, as well as the unmatched brightening effects of pitaya, an ingredient Jena is obsessed with (click here to read more).

The combination is a winner. Both high quality, packed with power, hydration and nourishment. The perfect match for each other.

Try the combination, you might just fall for it too!