My January Tips For Goals, Emotional Well-Being... And Skin

My January Tips For Goals, Emotional Well-Being... And Skin

Happy 2023! I hope you had a peaceful and loving holiday season. I appreciate you all so much and I am excited for everything to come this year. There’s so many new formulas coming your way!

I know many of you will be writing down your resolutions for the year ahead but it’s well known that resolutions can be hard to stick by. On the face of it, the healthy habits which you set yourself can be a way to punish yourself after the enjoyment and merriment of the holidays. This is why I recommend thinking about your goals instead - set yourself up for success, be clear about your goals and what you want to achieve. Write down the goals you want to happen but make them achievable and don’t be so hard on yourself if you take an unexpected step in the ‘wrong’ direction. Work hard, be consistent but, most importantly, be kind to yourself.

One of my favorite things to do at the start of a new year is to listen to or watch The Secret. It’s one of the tools that has helped me immensely since 2006. I truly believe in the Law of Attraction, that believing in yourself and shooting for the stars while envisioning yourself fulfill your goal can shift your life. Giving positive thoughts and energy to your goals can help you attract and achieve what you want. That’s not to say I am positive every day. I need outlets like The Secret to help shift negative thoughts. I have bad days and have had many sick days. But I never ever gave up on my goals and I never had negative thoughts towards the goal itself. I believe in myself relentlessly but allow myself to feel ups and downs. I just try not to get stuck when I’m feeling down. The Secret is a great reminder to not get caught up in negative thinking for too long. Those negative thoughts can directly impact our physical health. Our emotional well-being and loving relationships have the power to heal our bodies of physical pain and illness. For some of us, chronic pain and autoimmune conditions are directly linked to our emotional state. I realize now more than ever that for the most part, our emotional health is more important than the food we eat aside from the following list that I always try to avoid: alcohol, soda, processed food, canola oil, fried foods (aside from the occasional French fry), sugar, white bread and meat and dairy that is not grass fed or organic. 

I thought this list for handling emotions was really helpful:

What I Am Reading In January

I am reading The Subtle Art Of Not Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson and No Excuses The Power Of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy. 

Boosting Serotonin and Skin Health

I am continuing to work out with my trainer Rob Parr. He trained Madonna during the Blonde Ambition Tour and he’s been a huge blessing in my life! Some of you know I’ve been nearly pain-free from endometriosis and adenomyosis for almost a solid year! This was a resolution I had on my list since 2014! It’s taken almost a decade, but I never gave up hope. Rob Parr, falling in love and working with my emotions healed my body more than any diet or restrictive eating plan. But here are a few ageless skin tips in relation to diet- if you’re prone to rosacea, cut coffee and alcohol. I wrote about this a few years ago, then I went back to coffee because it tastes so delicious! I don’t drink alcohol, but I notice such a direct impact with my skin when I cut coffee from my diet. Both alcohol and an overconsumption of salt can make the face and skin red, swollen and puffy. Alcohol directly causes wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin Procedures I Am Having

I recently had PRFM performed under my eyes, and I am sharing a blog with you about it soon. I am continuing with Forma Skin Tightening, I have been doing this procedure since 2009, but it was called something else prior to this machine launching. There's zero downtime and it's completely painless. I have had enough pain in my life through my periods and don't wish to go through any more! The last time I had it was in 2020 and I am so overdue. I see a massive change when I book 4-5 sessions in both the texture and elastin in my face, neck and chest. It's important to know it is NOT a laser, it is radio frequency. I avoid all lasers aside from Genesis because they thin the skin. If you have redness or broken capillaries I recommend Genesis.


Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I am FINALLY getting deep sleep for the first time in many years. I corrected my HPA Axis and cortisol levels in 2020 with the help of Dr. Carrie Jones. She suggested Quinton electrolytes in the am, loading up on 10,000 IU's of vitamin D3 K2 by Xymogen, (Will Cole was kind to share his link with us, since you can only buy it through a practitioner):

Referral Code: drwillcole

Practitioners Last Name: Cole 

And then I take my favorite magnesium every night from Biooptimizers. I swear by this magnesium, and I physically feel different when I don’t take it. It’s also great for constipation. I also take my new MSM supplement that we are releasing soon! I’ll get into this later. Sometimes I take Nordic Naturals melatonin gummies. Not only do they work, but they also taste so good.

Destress With holi (youth)

While January is filled with promise, it can be difficult returning to work and your routine - the post-Christmas blues can really hit hard. Did you know that the bluest day of the year lands on the third Monday of January? This year the ‘saddest’ day of the year will fall on the 16th of January. I always aim to hit the ground running but I’m definitely not immune to the stress and pressure that a new year brings with it too.

One thing which really helps with the January blues is our supplement holi (youth). The main ingredient in holi (youth) is an herb called holy basil. This herb acts as an adaptogen which means it helps the body adapt to the stress you are dealing with. Holy basil helps lower your cortisol levels and in effect lower your blood sugar levels, it supports your immune function by increasing T helper and natural killer cell activity, works as an anti inflammatory, helps reduce your blood pressure, supports the liver, supports candida overgrowth and overall just helps to feel more calm and at ease. 

I hope these tips help you in 2023 and beyond! Wishing you a year filled with blessings, love and prosperity.