My Favorite Skin Tightening Procedures: EmFace, Forma and Titan

My Favorite Skin Tightening Procedures: EmFace, Forma and Titan

I take it as a huge compliment that so many of you ask me about my experience with skin treatments and procedures. If you’ve been following my journey for a while, it’ll come as no surprise that, like many women, I’m devoted to my journey for ageless skin.

Starting around age 25, the face loses around 1% of its volume per year. This is because collagen breaks down, making the skin thinner, drier, and causing wrinkles. Lines and wrinkles are part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prevent them from occurring ahead of time. In addition to my usual skincare and beauty regimen, I’ve experimented with several different procedures to find the protocol which works best for me. 

Today, I want to share a skin-tightening combination that dramatically improved my skin texture and tone. It includes one of my favorite painless procedures, which I’ve been using since 2009: Forma (formerly known as Inmode Forma Skin). I love to combine Forma with EmFace because, even though I see results after just one session with Forma, I’ve found that Forma gives me the best results when I do 3 sessions of EmFace first. When I’m in LA, I go to Le Jolie Spa for these treatments.

So, what is Forma and EmFace and how do each of these treatments work to tighten the skin? Let’s get into it!


Forma, also known as a "nonsurgical facelift," helps stimulate your natural collagen production and remodel the skin on the face and neck via heat and radiofrequency. It's important to know that no lasers are used. It's a non-invasive way to tackle and slow down the signs of aging. 

The process reminds me of an ultrasound because the practitioner applies gel to the treatment area and then goes over it with a heated wand that is auto-adjusting. This ensures the correct temperature is used throughout the treatment and there's no risk of burning. It's best to have your sessions 3 to 5 weeks apart. Forma is FDA approved and recommended for anyone who wants to tighten the skin on their forehead, eyelids, neck, chest, or anywhere else on the body. It's also known to contour by subtly lifting the brows and accentuating the cheekbones. 

My search for a treatment that would reduce my smile lines, tighten my jawline, and refine my skin's texture led me to discover Forma in 2017. This treatment has been a game-changer ever since! I see a massive shift when I book 4 to 5 sessions in the texture and elastin in my face, neck, and chest. And, what I love most about Forma, is that there's zero downtime and it's completely pain-free. It gives you excellent results and a beautiful glow immediately. I only experience a little redness for about an hour post-treatment. This is one of the reasons why it's a red-carpet favorite; celebrities love it before big events.

I notice a new firmness in my skin and the size of my pores diminishes dramatically. The results keep improving for a few months after the treatment, and I'm typically due for upkeep around the one-year mark. 


EmFace is also a non-invasive solution to facial injectables. By doing 3 sessions of EmFace before Forma, you might see better results in your complexion as EmFace works to strengthen all of the muscles in your face and neck, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

It's the first needle-free procedure that simultaneously targets both your facial skin and your muscles in a 20-minute session. EmFace uses both Synchronized REF (which remodels and smooths the skin through heat) and High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation, otherwise known as HIFES™, (which restores and lifts facial tissues by causing the muscles to contract) energy technology to stimulate, tighten and strengthen the most prominent parts of your face all without the use of needles! The production of facial collagen and elastin is also boosted. 

During the treatment, you'll have a grounding pad attached to your back and applicators taped to your forehead and cheeks. The radiofrequency energy will feel warm and like a massage for your face as the pads pull and lift your facial skin. It's not painful at all!

Clinical studies have shown that the simultaneous emission of Synchronized RF and HIFES™ can reduce the effects of facial aging by:

  • 37% fewer wrinkles
  • 30% more muscle tone
  • 23% more lift
  • 26% increase in collagen 
  • 2 x increase in elastin

The results are truly incredible and 98.2% of patients have reported volume improvement with EmFace

If you decide to try this treatment, it's recommended to have a minimum of four sessions, i.e. one a week for one month. Repeated treatments are essential to effectively target the muscles and boost collagen and elastin production. It's a particularly great treatment if you're someone who has a fear of needles.

By doing 3 sessions with EmFace pre-Forma, you'll optimally prepare the skin by tightening and strengthening it ahead of your treatment. Some patients see improvements straight after getting EmFace (with optimal results occurring around 12 weeks) and you can take these results a step further with a Forma facial.


Another proactive treatment you can try is called TITAN. It’s a non-surgical, non-ablative treatment that utilizes infrared light instead of lasers or injections to quickly and safely produce firmer, more youthful-looking skin. This treatment can be used to tighten the face, cheeks, eye area, neck, upper arms, and abdomen. Other benefits include stimulating collagen production and improving your skin tone. Some patients see results after just a single session. However, after completing 3 to 4 sessions, you’re likely to achieve the results you’ve been looking for.


In addition to the above therapies and treatments, many of our Agent Nateur products contain powerful ingredients that can help prevent aging and sagging skin. These include: holi (wash), body (balm), holi (oil), holi (bright), holi (lift), holi ( c ), and holi (mane).

Preventive skin care is the key to nurturing your skin, tightening it, and strengthening it so that you'll have ageless skin you're excited to show off. I hope you find that ageless, youthful glow you've been looking for through this incredible skin-tightening combination. I certainly have!