Meet Agent Man Chase Kusero

Meet Agent Man Chase Kusero

 Agent Man

[ey-juhnt man]


A man who embodies the spirit of truth, authenticity and ingenuity. He lives his potential, embracing his unique gifts and shining his light to consciously create a better world. As an Agent of beauty and inspiration, he is a man admired by our founder, Jena Covello.

Meet Agent Man Chase Kusero. The celebrity stylist is a master with color and has been coloring our founder, Jena Covello’s hair for 13 years. He is also a cofounder of IGK Salons and IGK Hair, an expansive line of hair products, formulated by some of the top stylists. His celebrity clients include Paris Hilton, Ciara, Jared Leto and Ozzy Osbourne.

Chase Kusero

Instagram: @chasehair

Daily Uniform: Chrome Hearts t-shirts, Fear of God shorts and white Nike low top Air Force 1’s.

AM ritual: Celery juice, chlorophyll water and an espresso shot.

PM wind down: Nighttime skin routine using Agent Nateur and a hot tea. 

Something that helps you stay in a positive mindset: Thinking about my daughter always. 

A life changing realization that you’ve had: The moment I found out I was expecting a baby girl.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: Jena Covello of Agent Nateur

Favorite wellness/beauty book: I more so research articles and read about beauty and wellness online.

Go-to stress remedy: doTERRA lavender oil dabbed on my temples and diffused in a diffuser.

Supplements you can’t live without: doTerra oils Oregano and On Guard, a multivitamin, vitamins C, D and B complex, fish oil, zinc and CoQ10.

Three things you’re really into right now: My daughter, chlorophyll water and being in Miami.

Top three favorite online shops: Gallery Dept., Electric and Rose and Talentless.

Top three Instagram accounts for inspiration: I’m not really inspired by anything right now on IG. What inspires me is the Florida sun and beach kids with natural sunny hair. That really inspires my eye.

Your ultimate indulgence: A night in with my girl and our daughter, a charcuterie board and Chateau La Tour.

Must-have Agent Nateur product: holi (water) is my fav.