Lemon Balm Tea for Herpes, Autoimmune Disease and Pain

Lemon Balm Tea for Herpes, Autoimmune Disease and Pain

By @simpleorganix

Let’s talk Lemon Balm. Did you know that it actually has nothing to do with lemons? Outside of its lemon scent (which is a huge Honey Bee attractor), Melissa Officinilis is an herbaceous plant found in the mint family. Records concerning its medicinal use date back over 2000 years, including a recommendation by Paracelsus (1493–1541) that lemon balm would completely revivify a man and should be used for “all complaints supposed to proceed from a disordered state of the nervous system”.

One of the reasons why Lemon Balm is so successful with the central nervous system is due to rosemarinic acid, a chemical compound with significant antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Rosmarinic acid has also shown free radical scavenging ability and suppression of allergic immunoglobulin. One of the most studied features of Lemon Balm’s rosmarinic acid is its anti-anxiety effect by increasing the availability of GABA.
GABA is one of the inhibitory neurotransmitters, used by the brain to prevent over-excitement and attain balance. It is responsible for making sure we are not stressed. It also plays a role in a healthier sleep cycle. Increasing stimulation of GABA receptors will produce a sedative or calming effect.

Another amazing compound found in Lemon Balm is terpenes, it has the ability to target the following:

•panic attacks
•high blood pressure
•heart palpitations
•neurological issues
•gas & bloating

A study by Buchwald-Werner in 2014 showed that when all of these symptoms were tested, “The results demonstrate that Lemon Balm was capable of benefiting a number of aspects of mood and performance”. The only study that showed anxiety was still present was when there were artificial sweeteners found in the diet. Most all of the studies showed that when adding valerian root and Lemon Balm together, it doubled the success rate for all central nervous system functions.

The famous Swiss physician Paracelsus credited Lemon Balm as the “elixir of life.” He claimed that regular use could increase lifespan. With that said, Lemon Balm is extremely high in trace minerals which help support the entire body while at the same time detoxifying organs such as the kidneys and liver. This allows the body to be in constant regeneration.

Another studied aspect of Lemon Balm is the role it plays with the Herpes Simplex Virus. Numerous studies have linked a dramatic healing effect in all studies linked to ALL five strains of this virus which many believe causes more disease in humanity than science has yet to discover.

The name Herpes is best known as the cause of a worldwide epidemic of venereal disease.  However, this virus family plagues people of all ages and circumstances:

-The fetus susceptible to cytomegalovirus.
-The child to chicken pox.
-The adolescent to mononucleosis
-The adult pestered by recurrent cold sores & painful shingles.

Every stage of life is susceptible to The virus “waking up” from dormant sleep. Many of these viral strains are also linked to uterine, cervical and endometrial diseases of all sorts. What else is linked to uterine disease? Gut and nerve issues! This herb has separate compounds that help heal all 3 (gut, nerve , uterus) in synergy. Lemon Balm has been proven over and over again to support viral dormancy. This alone should have people’s attention.

Did you think that Lemon Balm forgot one of humanities largest problem? Cancer. A study done by Weidner C in 2015 concluded Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) extract inhibits the proliferation of colon carcinoma cells, brain gliomas and all gut cancers.

As science and natural medicine alike work on figuring out the way all of these viruses are linked to disease, another direction Lemon Balm has taken us to is the “auto immune” epidemic.

Auto Immune Diseases such as:
•Rheumatoid arthritis

All have shown promise and successful healing stories when bringing in anti viral herbs such as Lemon Balm and Nettle Leaf together. They work together like Batman and Robin in the world of herbs. And What do all these ailments have in common? Inflammation, which Lemon Balm also works on reducing.

Surprisingly, we can touch on almost every human function that finds a positive reaction with this particular herb.  Why isn’t it prescribed by Doctors you ask? Since this botanical extract can not be patented, its beneficial effects have been completely ignored by pharmaceutical interests. There is no money in cure.

The best way to take herbs such as Lemon Balm is through steeping dried leaves and drinking it as a tea or taking it through extraction. Once the herb is steeped or extracted, it activates its “magic”. The tongue and taste buds are equipped with receptors that signal the brain which identifies this “magic”. It then notifies the organs to prepare for dispersing. When herbs are taken orally via pills, this forces the herb to activate while trying to survive digestive enzymes and acids which intern kills most if not all of its “magic”. This method also gives you an advantage to begin purchasing herbs in bulk and saving money. Absolutely an herb to add In your daily tea regimen and begin your healing journey.

Although the information and history of this herb has been so vast, it all lead me to an old adage that states, “Do as the honey bees do”. Just like Lemon Balm is is attractive to a honey bee, it is absolutely attractive to healing. Yes, nature always knows.

Natasha M.