Jena's Valentine's Day Edit

Jena's Valentine's Day Edit

What's not to love about a day filled with love?! Whether you're in a relationship, want to show your best friend how much they mean to you, or want to give yourself some love this month, this edit is for you!

holi (sex)

First up is holi (sex)! I wanted to create a luxury lubricant that was so much more than a lube. I wanted all of you to revere your most intimate areas—whether in a relationship or alone. It's a true elixir of intimacy, self-pleasure, and self-connection.

My favorite routine is pairing it with holi (bath) and holi (body). Spending an evening with myself and indulging is a really luxurious and caring self-love ritual. 

From coconut oil to sweet almond oil, rose and jasmine oil, sandalwood, vanilla, and more, the formulation is so sleek and beautiful. And the combination of these luxurious oils are clinically proven to be safe and effective as a lubricant.

You can use it with your partner, but first and foremost, I want women to use holi (sex) to show their body some love and nurture it by applying a soothing oil to EVERY area. 


Looking for a perfect dinner date spot to treat your other half? You have to make a reservation at my favorite restaurant in LA, e.baldi! It's a beautiful Italian restaurant located in the heart of Beverly Hills, specializing in Tuscan food with an accent of Emilia-Romagna. 

I get the hearts of palm pasta, the truffle cheese and mushroom appetizer, and I love the rack of lamb. It's truly divine!

Caffe Dell'arte Juice

If you're making a day of it, I'd recommend popping by Caffe Dell'arte

on Bedford in Beverly Hills. It's not scene-y and it's fast and easy. I usually grab one every morning right before I head to my office. They will make any juice combination you want. My fave is fresh-pressed celery, lemon, and apple juice!

Mark's Garden

Flowers are so powerful when it comes to lifting your mood. There really is no better time to buy a beautiful bouquet than on Valentine's Day. I always go to Mark's Garden when I'm in LA, as it's my favorite florist. They create the most stunning bouquets ever and I love placing them around my home. They brighten up every room and they're the perfect gift to brighten up a friend's or partner's day too.

Moskatels at the LA Flower Market

If you want to go one step further this Valentine's Day and go all out for your loved one (maybe even a proposal is on the cards?), head to Moskatels at the LA Flower Market. I head here before almost every Agent photoshoot and you'll find me burying my head in arts, crafts, and flowers. I adore the creative process of each and every photoshoot and this is where I source all the special touches to make each shoot uniquely beautiful.

Love Jena x