Jena's April Edit

Jena's April Edit

Springtime is the perfect time for bringing in new light, new energy and generating positive, shiny vibes, whether you’re at work, at home or even working from home. This month I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces of homeware which are so beautifully designed they bring me joy each time I use them, and they're a fabulous excuse for creating fun socials, with great food and company. 

Whether I’m taking a cute walk with friends and Federico, cooking at home, visiting a gallery or watching a movie (I recently re-watched First Wives Club), spending time with my loved ones is always a priority. 

I’ve also included some health and beauty ideas I think you’ll love too, based on what I’m using right now, and - quite literally - the perfect statement handbag!  

H O M E 

G L A S S W A R E: Let’s start with this beautiful tumbler from art-glass studio Sirius Glassware, the Iridescent Nassau Cup.  Each one is unique, hand-made by rolling random, repurposed and recycled colorful little pieces onto molten glass, which is then fused and formed into a cup, before being iridized. Don’t even think about hiding these away in a cupboard - find a shelf where they catch the light and throw beautiful colors across your walls.

C O O K W A R E:  Stylish to look at and a better choice for you and the planet, this Our Place cookware set is an ideal investment. I love that the non-stick coating is toxin-free, made without any of those potentially toxic materials like PFAS (including PTFEs and PFOAs), lead or cadmium. 

F O O D   S T O R A G E: I realize this could mean I’ve unlocked the next level of adulting, but getting excited about a storage set has become a thing for me!  Just look at this Caraway home glass food storage set. It’s available in some gorgeous colorways and the non-toxic, ceramic-coated glass containers use a special air release technology to keep your contents really fresh.

C E R A M I C S: Brutal Ceramics is a store in Paris that I came across by chance and now find I have to visit each time I’m there, to choose a new piece to bring back to the US with me. They feature a range of mainly French and Japanese ceramics, by some very talented artists. I currently have my eye on this earthenware mug by Samantha Kerdine. Bursting with flowers, it is part of the collection she’s produced on the theme of ‘lunch in the grass’. The great news is that they also have an online store and will ship overseas. 

H E A L T H    &    B E A U T Y

V E R Y   C H E R R Y:  One of my favorite healthy treats at the moment is frozen cherries. They’re anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, a good source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C, plus they’re so sweet and tasty. Keep a bag in your freezer and just grab a handful when you need a snack.

W E L L N E S S:  I’ve been taking The Holistic Health Genius’s fulvic acids for hydration and energy. Alongside all the additional health benefits you get from the 70 minerals and trace elements which aid cell growth, balance and health, I really like the fact that this supplement has no weird taste. This particular brand is one of the best on the market, because its humic and fulvic acids are obtained from four distinct regions -  forests, plains, deserts, and tropical, rather than just one, like many brands. Combining the four allows them to make a product with the highest mineral, amino acids and electrolytes profile possible.

R E D   L I G H T   T H E R A P Y: Over the last few years, there’s been a big upswing in popularity for red light therapy, for its potential health benefits such as improving skin health, boosting energy, aiding muscle recovery and joint pain relief. With several devices on the market to choose from, my choice would be the REDjuvenator, which has been created by award-winning inventor, engineer and designer Leanne Venier. 

F A C I A L   T O N I N G: While we’re talking tech, I also love the ZIIP Halo, a nanocurrent and microcurrent facial toning device, which I use with my holi (lift) to really firm, lift and tighten my skin. It’s so easy to use and I’ve really noticed the improvements each time I’ve used it.

T H E   L I P   B A L M:  I find it impossible to leave the house without a lip balm - it’s up there with keys, phone, bank card and Federico!  My current favorite is this Byredo lip balm - the metallic packaging is so chic and fun! The balm is soft, nourishing and one application lasts a few hours. And because it’s transparent, with a semi matte finish, it’s perfect for me, because I love a matte lip.

F A S H I O N:

T H E   B A G: Okay so I’m a sucker for a new handbag, but I bought this one last year and still love it! The Coperni mini swipe glass top handle bag is handmade in Saint-Mihiel, in north eastern France, an area with a strong glass-blowing tradition. Each piece is unique and made by a master craftsman without using molds or machines. Is it Art or Fashion?  I’d say both! I use it as a bag but it doubles as a little art piece/vase for the home too.

I hope this inspires you to have friends round for drinks, springtime suppers, and weekend brunches. There are dozens of super tasty and healthy recipes on our Nateur Cooking pages to help you, from Tom Kha soup or Lemon Bucatini with Sourdough Breadcrumbs, to Sunshine Porridge (great for sleepovers) or Alcohol-Free Cocktails! You cannot put a value on healthy relationships with your partner, your girlies and your gays. And don’t settle for anything less than surrounding yourself with a group of uplifting, inspiring people who want to see you winning and who you only want the best for you. 

Love, light, and sunshine, 

Jena x