Jena’s October Edit

Jena’s October Edit

My October edit draws inspiration from my favorite city in the world. If you don’t already know, during Paris Fashion Week last month, our supplements took center stage as they launched at the Dior Spa at the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris - a dream come true! 


Dior Spa at Hôtel Plaza Athénée 

If you're planning a visit to Paris, make sure to treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at the Dior Spa in the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. After indulging in one of their incredible treatments, you can now savor holi (mane) and holi (radiance) with a yummy drink after your treatment. Personally, my top recommendation is the New Look Body Treatment, a body lymphatic massage. I also loved the body scrub and the LED therapy. It's an absolute must-try for a rejuvenating experience. Plus, the massage beds are the comfiest ones I’ve ever been on! 

Hotel Costes

Hotel Costes holds a special place in my heart, as it’s where I spent many months formulating my ideas when I started the journey of creating Agent Nateur. Nestled in the heart of Paris, the rooms of this beautiful hotel envelop you in coziness. Every corner is filled with warmth, making you feel right at home, and the touches of fresh flowers in the rooms add an extra layer of charm.

Hot Chocolate at Angelina

The hot chocolate at Angelina Paris is the perfect winter warmer and is renowned as the best hot chocolate in the city. Stepping into this Parisian tearoom is an enchanting experience in its own right. Indulging in each sip of pure chocolate delight makes even the chilliest winter days feel cozy. 

My Go-To Outfit

Staying cozy in Autumn around the city, I opt for a cute ensemble of a Prada leather skirt paired with a classic plain white tee. I layer it with an oversized YSL leather bomber jacket, completing the look with my New Balance sneakers, ensuring that I can explore the city streets with ease. And, of course, I always have my Celine sunglasses to hand, for those sun-kissed moments. 

Autumn Products and Supplements

holi (sun) spf 50 dewy tinted skin drops

Did you know that wearing an SPF is just as important during the colder months?  Safeguarding your skin from the sun is a year-round necessity, as even though the sun can appear more gentle during winter, it’s no less damaging, which is why I apply holi (sun) as part of my daily skincare routine.

Our dewy tinted, 100% mineral SPF 50 skin drops are formulated with ingredients you would find in your skincare, with the added protection of non-nano zinc oxide, which protects against harmful UV rays and sun damage. This two-in-one-product delivers a lightweight, natural and easily-blendable coverage (with zero white cast) that corrects imperfections and builds a daily, radiant glow, all while delivering 98% of UVA and UVB radiation protection too.

Reformulated holi (locks) 

Recently I became addicted to Blow Me Away, a Japanese scalp spa in Los Angeles. They help to resolve scalp issues like inflammation, dryness and buildup. They treated my scalp with specific plant extracts that I already formulated with, which inspired me to add them to the new holi (locks) formula and to completely change the scent profile. My supplier in France sent me the most exquisite jasmine sambac to test, which I then combined with helichrysum and eucalyptus - I love it and so does Dara Kaye who is the co-creator of holi (locks)! I also increased the percentage of Redensyl. Head to the Agent Nateur website to learn more about the benefits here.

Hair Ritual Brush by Sisley

The Hair Ritual Brush has become an essential part of my daily routine as it treats my hair with care and gentleness. Unlike conventional brushes that can pull at your hair and risk breaking it, this brush glides through my hair effortlessly thanks to its combination of wild boar hair and supple bristles, designed for scalp and hair fiber.  The wild boar hair provides gentle detangling while the supple bristles help stimulate the scalp.

Zinc Supplement [VIT’ALL+]

Zinc is great for keeping our immune systems strong during the winter months, enhancing the production and function of infection-fighting T-cells. As the temperature begins to drop and as the cold and flu season lies ahead, having a strong immune system will help us to stay resilient.  For me, zinc, with its immune-boosting properties, serves as a vital support, ensuring that I can navigate the colder seasons with confidence, knowing that my body is well-equipped to fend off illnesses and keep me at my healthiest.

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel - Living Libations

Living Libations’s Ozonated Happy Gum Gel has a unique and innovative formula, which leaves my mouth feeling incredibly clean and revitalized. This botanical toothpaste also uses natural and high-quality ingredients, and it’s free from harmful chemicals and artificial additives, aligning with my skincare philosophy at Agent Nateur. 

Love Jena x