Jena’s November Edit

Jena’s November Edit

November gives us the perfect excuse to say ‘yes’ to stylish outdoor-wear. My color palette this season is based around strong, classical looks in black, navy, camel and gray. As the cooler temperatures and earlier nights confirm the changing seasons, in this edit I'm sharing some favorite pieces from my autumnal wardrobe, and recommending some special ways to pamper yourself - including luxurious skincare routines, creating precious time with friends and making some cozy, cultural ‘you’ time too. Snuggle down for this one…

The Max Mara Coat 

A timeless classic, this camel coat is an absolute wardrobe staple that you’ll have for seasons to come. It works sublimely with my favorite jeans and sneakers for a clean, stylish, off-duty look. And if I want to dress up for meetings or lunches, I’ll wear it over a tonal ensemble and accessorize with a vintage silk headscarf. 

The Leather Glove

A pair of leather gloves really adds a sophisticated note to your outfit. I have two favorite stores, so I’m going to let you in on them both: Thomasine in Paris is the place to go for gloves that are something really special.  Made from the softest leather, they come in a range of colors to match your shoes or purse. Then, if you want a high quality leather glove that's more suitable for every day, Agnelle (also based in Paris) is the place to go. It’s not too late to order online so that you can (literally) get your hands on these in time for cooler weather. They’re also a great addition to any Christmas List!

The Chanel Loafer 

Another iconic wardrobe item, and one I like to return to this time of year; the loafer has been increasingly popular since the 1950s (think Audrey Hepburn’s look in Funny Face), and every season after that. A pair of Chanel Loafers is definitely a worthwhile investment, and this season’s release is way comfier than last year’s. I’m pairing mine with a cute little sock for a chic and comfy vibe. They’re perfect with jeans and a blazer, or switch those out for a mini skirt and sweater on warmer days.  Who’d have thought I’d be wearing my school uniform all these years later - and liking it!

Seasonal Supplements

Keeping up your energy levels, especially around family gatherings during the coming holiday season can be quite a challenge. Getting a good night’s sleep is a great way to start, so I make sure I take VIT’ALL+ Taurine complex, and can’t recommend it highly enough. I also take BIOptimizers Magnesium, which has a wonderful, calming effect.

Hosting season

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or turn it into a Friendsgiving event these days, half the pleasure happens before your first guest comes through the door. Making time to plan your menu, drinks, music, lighting, and the look and feel of your room can make all the difference and creates the best memories. Just type ‘Thanksgiving table decoration ideas’ into Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean! I absolutely adore ABC home tableware - their hand-painted porcelain plates and bowls are ‘almost’ too cute to put food on! 

Flower Power

I always have flowers around my home when I’m not traveling. And they are such a treat to have for yourself, or to take to your hosts at Thanksgiving or during the Holiday season.  The Empty Vase is a florist based in West Hollywood which creates the most sumptuous arrangements - think orchids and blush-toned roses, little succulents, stunning floral sculptures and centerpieces just for a start. Or get inspired and recreate these ideas yourself.  Taking the time to create something like this is extremely therapeutic and good for the mind and soul.

Soak it Up

One of life’s simple pleasures is a warm, luxurious bubble bath. And some evenings when I’m busy with travel, hotels and living out of a suitcase, I like nothing better than treating myself to a huge bubble bath and ordering room service. I’ll add 1-2 scoops of holi (bath), our rose-infused calming coconut milk bath, to running, warm bath water before soaking for 30 minutes or more - bliss!  Next, I’ll apply my holi (body) ageless body serum before a final rinse - the sumptuous blend of luxurious oils absorbs quickly into my skin for a satin, dewy finish. Once I’m towel-dry, I’ll apply 4-6 pumps of body (balm) which is packed with hydrating plant extracts and skin-nourishing oils. 

Winter Skin care 

And of course we all know that our skin could use some extra TLC during the frosty months, so, naturally, we reach for our hydrating serums and rich creams, hoping to combat winter dryness. But are we using these products to their full potential? Keep an eye out for our upcoming feature on Skin Flooding and find out how this method helps you reclaim your radiant, hydrated glow. We’ll be talking you through each step, including a final stage of applying holi (lift), our ageless lifting and firming serum, and holi (crème), our filter face crème, then sealing everything in with holi (oil)

Be a Culture Vulture

It’s tempting to hibernate on our days off, especially when the weather’s not great, but one of my personal treats is to go outside, get some fresh air, and make the time to take in some inspiring sights. I never tire of seeing amazing architecture in the cities I visit. And why not break away from streaming, and go watch a movie on a big screen, by yourself or with friends? You can soak up a couple of hours of visual entertainment without looking at your phone (added bonus). I also love to explore a local art gallery or museum, whichever city I find myself in, and follow it up with a delicious hot chocolate. I’d recommend a couple of hours of ‘you’ time to explore The Met (New York), The Louvre (Paris) or The National Portrait Gallery (London), or check out your nearest, local gallery or museum. It’s always worth making time to be surrounded by beauty, and inspired by art. And of course, inside or out, autumnal walks are a great way to get my daily steps in too. 

Love Jena x