Jena’s January Edit

Jena’s January Edit

Jena’s January Edit

January is the most popular time of year for resolving to look after ourselves a little better. We’ve had the holiday treats, and before the new year comes around we make a list of activities we know are going to be great for our wellbeing.  Who hasn’t joined a gym, signed up for a new class, started a new diet, or pledged to get to bed before midnight, fully intending to keep these new habits going throughout the year?  

So this month, in addition to some of my favourite January wardrobe items and products I use to boost my new year look, and a snapshot of my recent travels, I’m going to share some tips with you which I personally find make healthy living choices easier. 

Make more than a wish!

Firstly, I set some intentions. If you’ve never read Deepak Chopra, author and alternative medicine advocate, I’d recommend dipping into his suggestions for meditation, affirmations and new ways of looking at what you want from your life. I’ll put my hand up and say I’ve failed when I’ve tried to make too many changes at once. Instead, I now make small changes and build upon them, which is far more manageable to maintain over the course of the year.  Breaking away from unhealthy habits and retraining your mind to make healthier choices is something we’ll be looking at in more detail later this month in a blog post about prioritising self care and wellness.

New Year, New Glow!

holi (radiance)

A simple way of building wellness into your daily routine is to add a scoop of holi (radiance) to your morning drink. I created the formula by combining two of nature’s most potent ingredients to support a healthy immune system, joints and mobility and contribute to healthy hair, skin and nails. OptiMSM® is a high-grade antioxidant that helps build keratin and collagen, proteins which contribute to healthy hair, skin and nails. This is combined with a highly concentrated source of phytoceramides that contain digalactosy diglycerides (DGDG) which bring hydration to the skin via the bloodstream and help restore the water barrier, replenishing dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.  

This powerful supplement is both vegan and gluten free, and couldn’t be easier to use. Some days I like to add it to a glass of cool water with a squeeze of lemon; other days I go for hot water with lemon and a dash of maple syrup.

holi (locks)

January’s a great time to start your hair repair journey, which is why I’m a huge advocate of holi (locks), our strengthening, detangling, anti-hair fall serum, which I formulated to treat thin/weak hair, dull or damaged hair, lack of volume, split ends, dry hair and scalp and hair breakage. This is a treatment oil and not a styling oil - so you leave it in overnight (or during the day) so it can work its magic. One of the main active ingredients, Redensyl, works on the root causes of unhealthy hair, and grows thicker, fuller, stronger hair while reducing shedding and breakage. Then there’s Follicusan, which revitalizes and promotes thicker looking hair. We've also added peppermint, helichrysum, jojoba, extracts of passionfruit seed and hibiscus which work on strengthening the look and feel of your hair and on conditioning your scalp. Simply apply a couple of droppers, massaging it into your scalp and then along your hair to the tips and leave in overnight. It will detangle and make your hair incredibly silky smooth! 

The Crown Affair Comb

One of the best ways to apply the holi (locks) serum through my hair, and perform a scalp massage to increase circulation, nourish roots and promote growth is to use a great comb. I use this gorgeous Crown Affair comb.

Hand-carved in Switzerland from 100% plant-based cellulose acetate - a renewable, biodegradable resource - the widely spaced teeth and rounded tips gently work through tangles without causing breakage - exactly what I need! 

Step Out in Style!

The start of the year for me is all about comfy base layers and a cosy coat. I like to create a versatile ensemble that’s perfect for the city or for additional time on the ski slopes. So I’ll add a stiletto boot from Paris Texas to elevate my look for the evening, or daytimes I’ll wear a New Balance sneaker and a sports sock, which encourages me to get my steps in whenever I can.  

So what’s good for a base layer?  Personally, I adore these opaque, black Wolford leggings, which are so soft and silky, and combine them with a black, ultrasoft, seamless Wolford turtleneck. I team these with my favourite cropped, black velvet Prada jacket which is padded with goose down, and finish the look with these Celine sunglasses and my beloved Thomasine black leather gloves for a timeless, ski silhouette.

Step Up. And Up!

I also try to get my steps in whenever I see a flight of stairs. It’s a great way to tone and is a superb cardio-vascular form of exercise too. You don’t need a gym - this can be done absolutely anywhere, whether you're at home, at a gallery or mall, or at work. Another winner is to get into the habit of parking a couple of levels down in a parking lot and taking the stairs, or parking a little further away than usual and adding a few hundred steps to your routine. If you want to push yourself a little further, I’d recommend Bala bangles: these are little chic ankle weights and come in different weights as you build up your programme. For more information about how stair climbing got me into the best shape of my life - read this previous feature.

Favourite Treats!

I had such a good time skiing before Christmas, that I went back for more after a fabulous few days in Paris. I just had to visit L’Apogee for crepes, and go to Arielles at tea time to sample French pastry chef Cedric Grolet’s desserts. This divine Austrian hotel has recently been renovated and looks like a whimsical Christmas fairyland. For the best in apres ski burgers, the Cheval Blanc Bar is a must. And I couldn’t go without meeting friends at Le Grenier for a cheese fondue and one of my favourite ever dishes in France, their supreme volaille. 

After all that indulgence and my days on the slope, I’m ready to unwind at a spa. In Courchevel I’ll book in at Le K2 spa, and in Paris the Dior spa at the Plaza Athenee. When I get back to LA, one of the first treats I’ll schedule is a facial at Le Jolie Medi Spa. And don’t forget one of the simplest pleasures you can ever make time for is just taking a long hot bath and treating yourself to an at home facial with the agent holi bright mask.

I wish you all a really happy and healthy New Year!

Love Jena x