Introducing holi (sun) Tinted SPF For The (Whole) Year

Introducing holi (sun) Tinted SPF For The (Whole) Year

I'm so excited that our mineral-based, tinted SPF 50 holi (sun) is here! Today, I want to share all the exciting details with you about this formulation that I have been working on for SEVEN years and why I am now so happy that you can finally get your hands on it!

Choose your shade: We are launching four exquisite shades of our SPF 50, 12% zinc oxide mineral sunscreen - a featherlight, easily-blendable, tinted product called holi (sun).  The four shade options are: ivory, almond, honey, and espresso. Ivory is suitable for very light to light skin complexions, almond is ideal for light to medium skin complexions, honey is designed for medium to deep tan skin complexions, and espresso is tailored for deep to very deep skin complexions. If you're unsure about how to color-match yourself, please email a photo of your face, skin, and décolletage area to and we will be happy to assist you!

Unique formulation: What sets this product apart is the formulation, which incorporates skincare ingredients along with highly effective SPF 50 sun protection. Not only does holi (sun) provide ultimate protection, but it is also such a beautiful formulation. None of the four shades will ever leave a white cast or gray tone on your skin and this was SO important to me as I have hated this in previous summers with other products. Our holi (sun) is dewy, it’s soft, it’s glowy and it’s so easily blendable. It replaces foundation for me during the day and can be worn all year round! I love that it is featherlight and leaves you with the perfect coverage, particularly if this is the only bit of coverage you put on your skin for a long, sunny day. It’s protection, with a side of radiance! 

Effective sun protection: Maybe more importantly, the SPF 50 protection is highly effective. Featuring 12% non-nano zinc oxide, the formulation provides unparalleled defense and sun protection by effectively blocking over 98% of UVA and UVB radiation. Moreover, the non-toxic formula is enriched with antioxidants that combat pollution-induced free radicals and create a radiant shield. What I also love is that it blocks over 35% of blue light (HEVL) as well! So, it can be your go-to for those moments when you're lying on a sun lounger but still want to look at your phone.

I made the decision from Day 1 to formulate my products with non-nano zinc oxide, which consists of formulating with particles larger than 100nm. This for a non-nano zinc oxide was very intentional and it was crucial to ensure that the sunscreen formula does not penetrate your skin like traditional and potentially harmful sunscreens can. 

Recent studies have tested this. Participants applied sunscreens containing zinc oxide twice daily for five days, with less than 0.01 percent of zinc entering the bloodstream. Additional research, including studies conducted by FDA scientists and European researchers, has consistently demonstrated that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles do not penetrate the skin as well. Furthermore, an Italian study investigating nanoparticle penetration through damaged skin found no evidence of absorption. What this means is that holi (sun) is  environmentally friendly and reef-friendly too. This is really important to me because some studies are showing that chemicals in some sunscreens may be contributing to the declining health of coral too. 

In terms of skin protection, the natural UV filtering properties of zinc oxide are amazing too. It acts as a powerful shield, is considered the safest UV filter available and is recommended by scientists as a reliable alternative to chemical UV filters, all while being non-toxic. It’s not just sun protection that this formulation delivers. I love how holi (sun) not only protects my face, neck and decolletage from sun damage but is also a nourishing elixir too.

Some of my favorite ingredients in holi (sun) include:

I’ve been waiting for what feels like a lifetime to share this with you. I’m so happy it is now here for you, and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your daily skin ritual.

Love Jena x