Immunization Antidotes

Immunization Antidotes

 By @jenacovello @simpleorganix

Often people are left wondering what are the risks with ingredients found in immunizations?  Some of the statements often heard from doctors include. “We only carry a preservative-free product” or “A better quality product.”  There may be truth in statements such as these, but a majority of the immunizations are being approved and mass-manufactured in China without safety testing. With $4 billion in US immunization injuries and payouts continuing to climb, its best to focus on what can be done to counter some of the adverse effects. 

The ingredients found in immunizations that may have harmful effects to both children and adults include:

Aluminum: This is a neurotoxin preservative that is added to stimulate the immune response.  Its toxicity often exceeds that of mercury. With 200 to 400 mcg per round, this far exceeds the 85 mcg safety limit when multiple immunizations are administered. Most commonly aluminum is listed in the ingredients section as ASo1B, As04, aluminum hydroxide, and potassium sulfate/phosphate. Aluminum is also commonly found in Hep A and  B, HPV, Dtap, HIB, and Pneumococcal immunizations.

Live Virus, Bacteria, and Antibiotics: These include Baculoviruses, Ecoli, Tuberculosis, Oral Polio, Measles, Rotavirus, and Ovalbumin (virus grown on eggs, which causes severe allergy to eggs). Also, Antibiotics such as aminoglycoside, gentamicin sulfate, kanamycin, and neomycin can be harmful. 

Animal and Human DNA: These include cow protein found in milk, casein, and lactose (causes dairy allergies). Porcine single-strand DNA, pig protein peptides, MDCK derived from canine kidney cells, MRC-5 male lung tissue, DNA fragments derived from aborted fetuses, guinea pig embryos, and mouse brain culture in Japanese encephalitis immunizations are all harmful to the body. 

Other ingredients: Additional ingredients include such as formaldehyde, mercury, MSG, binders, sugars, modified amino acids, corn, steroids, acetone, antifreeze, gelatin, soy, yeast, latex, modified peanut oil (linked to peanut allergies),  growth mediums, and more are all considered harmful.  

While these ingredients may be the cause of many symptoms, they are not the only components at fault. Disease is often an inundation of many factors on the body such as environmental toxins, heavy metals, viral load, microbes, mold exposure, parasites, bacteria, pesticide exposure, food, diet, and air and water quality.

The most important thing you can do is to find a doctor who has CLEANER vaccines and administers homeopathic medicine both before and after immunization. Not all vaccines are created equal. The poor are getting cheaper quality vaccine which is why doctors in affluent areas like Beverly Hills tell patients that “THEIR” vaccines are cleaner  

Some of the other things we can do to help begin the healing process are as follows:

  • Eat organic and avoid pesticides and herbicides such as roundup. Also avoid all GMO and inflammatory foods such as corn, soy, wheat, gluten, sugar, citric acid, and pork to avoid feeding live viruses.  
  • Eat a Diet high in plant-based foods and healthy grains. Only eat organic and grass-fed beef, chicken, lamb, and raw dairy from sheep and goats milk.  
  • Avoid Tylenol to reduce fever often prescribed after immunizations. Acetaminophen depletes glutathione, an important antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals. Use Elderberry, homeopathic Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, and Aconite Pulsatilla to help with fever reduction. 
  • Take organic turmeric with black pepper for bioavailability to help with inflammation. Also, eat garlic and raw honey for antifungal, bacterial, and inflammatory properties. 
  • Drink clean reverse osmosis filtered water or spring water. Get a home filtration system and shower filter heads. 
  • NAC is a form of antioxidant that binds to poisonous forms of acetaminophen and repairs cell damage.  
  • Selenium is a trace mineral that helps remove mercury and repair chromosome damage, while zinc is a mineral that fights infection and boosts immunity.  Zinc deficiencies cause mercury to be more toxic.  
  • Take a mercury-free DHEA supplement to protect the brain. 
  • Detox soaks that contain bentonite clay, Epsom salt, and frankincense and helichrysum essential oil to detox blood, liver, and lymph system. This soak also helps repair any DNA damage and alkalize the body. 
  • Drink herbal teas such as lemon balm, milk thistle, nettle, and dandelion root to help flush the system and support liver and kidneys in detoxing. 
  • Try Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox smoothie and liver and thyroid detox protocols. 
  • Try Dr. Jess’ Kill, Bind, Sweat Protocol. 
  • Take a Prebiotic and Probiotics to help restore gut flora and build immunity. 
  • Consider taking lions made to help rebuild the brains myelin sheath and repair neurological disruption, omega 3’s to build immunity, rebuild neurological disruption, and protect the brain and nervous system, and Non-GMO Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, to strengthen the immune system and support the detox process. 
  • Try Vitamin D3 to assist in removing chemicals from the system. 
  • For the gut, try L-Glutamate to repair damage, detox ammonia, and increase GABA in the brain. 
  • Identify toxic mold exposure and detoxing mold. 
  • Try alpha-lipoic acid to support autism and detoxing. 
  • Magnesium glycinate supports and calms the brain and nervous system.  
  • Take immunization supplements such as VacciShield, Coseva Advanced TRS, and Clear TRS. 
  • Colostrum and breast milk are great to aid in building the ear, nose, throat, and gut lining. 
  • Celery Juice is ideal for rebuilding the gut and boosting the immune system. 
  • Niacin helps to flush and remove chemicals in the system and support detox pathways. 
  • Oil of oregano has powerful antibacterial, viral, and microbial benefits that aid the immune system in detoxing. 
  • Zeolite is a mineral known to remove toxins and heavy metals with a positive charge. 
  • Cod liver oil contains the most concentrated form of Vitamin A, which turns on Memory T Cells and can be taken orally and rubbed on the belly. 
  • Take MSM, organic sulfur that helps open detox pathways.  Also, activated charcoal leaches to toxins and carries them out of the gut. 
  • Fermented foods such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, raw milk yogurt, and kefir help rebuild and protect the gut. Black currants contain antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and aloe vera gel pulp help rebuild and protect the gut. 
  • Chiropractic intervention helps support the central nervous system, blood-brain barriers (important in detoxing), and spine. 

Although many of these methods help detoxify the body of the potentially toxic ingredients found in many modern-day immunizations, this does not guarantee that they are able to reverse potential biological damage. Always make sure that you research and find a Doctor that shares the same views on helping you recover from immunization symptoms. 

By Jena Covello and Natasha M