I’ve got a passion for passiflora edulis

I’ve got a passion for passiflora edulis

holi (locks), our first ever strengthening, detangling, anti-hair fall treatment serum, has received the most incredible feedback and has taken the market by storm. It is a product I formulated with one of my closest friends, Dara Kaye, to help people who want a total mane overhaul, and today, in a world full of products packing their formulations full of harsh silicones (that only further dry your hair and skin out even more over time), I knew I wanted to do this differently. So I’m always focused on formulating with the highest quality, deeply nourishing, ultra-luxurious, and natural ingredients that replace these harmful ingredients like silicones but give you so much more - and passiflora edulis seed does just that.

I loved formulating this product because of my deep respect and love for ancient oils, particularly the passiflora edulis seed (from the passion flower plant) and its ancient Aztec history. Native to the Amazon and tropical regions of South America, this beautiful long woody vine plant (with the most incredible purple flowers that later produce passionfruit) has been used in Aztec civilization and by the people of Mexico for generations to treat insomnia and nervousness, as well as Native Americans applying it topically to boils and skin conditions.

Eventually, the plant and its seed made their way to Europe, where it became a fundamental foundation of European plant medicine - and today? It’s a key ingredient in our very own holi (locks) product.

Backed by advanced hair science and clinical studies, our overnight topical strengthening hair serum is the answer to stimulating and encouraging healthier, longer, and stronger-looking hair and some of my favorite benefits of this ingredient include:

  • It’s incredibly high fatty acid content and antioxidant profile. Research in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition demonstrated that the passiflora edulis seed contains over 72% linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid that plays a key role in skin health). This makes it one of the most potent sources of this essential fatty acid on the entire planet, which makes it the perfect go-to ingredient for overhauling your hair health;
  • Its ability to replace natural shine through effective moisturizing - thanks to the vitamin C, vitamin E, and collagen in the seeds of the plant, as well as a high volume of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more, this seed is an epic emollient, meaning that it moisturizes and deeply penetrates hair shafts while also stopping moisture from getting or drying out (double the power);
  • Its power to restore scalp health - as well as promoting hair growth, hair shine, and more, the properties of the passiflora edulis seed can also help to relieve the itch of dandruff or other dry scalp conditions (thanks to its anti-itch properties). Also, being packed full of vitamin c, calcium and phosphorus means that it is the perfect ingredient to help heal dry, chapped, and cracked skin and hair, and this is why we encourage you to massage it deeply into your scalp when leaving holi (locks) overnight - or whenever you are going to head down to the beach, right before your scalp and hair may take a battering from the sun, surf and sand.

The protective and nourishing qualities of our holi (locks) formulation doesn’t stop there, though. The product profile is packed full of patented, trademarked, and science-backed, active ingredients, including Follicusan™, a milk-based bioactive which revitalizes and promotes thicker-looking hair, Capixyl™, a peptide (acetyl tetrapeptide-3) that helps stop the appearance of hair breakage, Redensyl™, known as the ‘human hair galvanizer’ and Beracare ARS Hair Serum™, the fourth and final active ingredient that promotes the look of hair follicle revitalization and hydration of the scalp. The product is also packed full of natural and powerful ingredients that deliver an intense glow (think Kalahari oil, Oryza Sativa rice bran and Euterpe Oleracea fruit oil) as well as being packed with naturally derived EGCG Green Tea (packed with polyphenols and catechins found in green tea) and plant-derived horsetail, hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant, bhringraj, pumpkin seed, monoi oil and more.

This product has so many incredible ingredients that you will not find in other strengthening, detangling, or anti-fall serums on the market. It is the perfect non-silicone solution to deliver the ultimate gloss, strength, growth softness, and shine for your hair, and I cannot recommend it more to incorporate it into your weekly beauty routine. It has done wonders for my hair; today, my locks have never looked better.

Remember that holi (locks) is a treatment oil and is NOT a styling oil. It’s made to be left in your hair, ideally overnight or for a minimum of 8-12 hours, and fully absorbed into the scalp. Once you have let it absorb, then you wash it out and can style your hair as usual. I love applying holi (locks) to dirty hair and leaving it in overnight before I wash it out. I put two full droppers into the roots of my dirty hair and massage it. I then put one full dropper from mid-section through to the ends of my hair to ensure that the rest of my mane gets some attention too!

Like I mentioned earlier, in the summer months, I also love to apply holi (locks) in a more protective way - putting it in before going to the beach or the pool, then washing it out at the end of the day. Strengthening and protecting - double win.

Let me know how you like this product. It is one of my favorites and I love what it has done for my hair.

Love Jena x