I reformulated holi(bath) and this is why I'm obsessed with it

I reformulated holi(bath) and this is why I'm obsessed with it

I'm so excited! The new holi (bath) rose infused calming coconut milk bath is finally ready. We have been working on reformulating this product for 9 months now and I am honestly so proud of it.

I know that you will love it because I take a bath in it every day and I never took a bath with the old formula. You know I'm big on total honesty and truth, and the truth is that I never promoted the old formulation of holi (bath) because I really did not love it anywhere near as much as the other products on the Agent roster - and I'll never promote something that I don't truly wholeheartedly believe will change your life and wellbeing regime.  When I don’t like something, I’m such a perfectionist, so I have been working on reformulating this until it was just amazing - and now I have reformulated it? I am genuinely obsessed with this blend. It doesn't make the bath messy at all like it did before; the formula is so fine, it's a dream to bathe in and it makes my skin feel like silk and it smells unreal too.

Okay, so let me tell you more about this beautiful holi (bath) that I use every day now and how I reformulated this into something that you will love too.

The holi (bath) product is packed full of a luxurious blend of ingredients. It's hydrating and it is also packed full of calming and detoxifying salts and nourishing plant extracts as well as essential oils that provide a full spectrum antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. holi (bath) is enriched with natural minerals and organic compounds and it's the dream at soothing tired muscles on the inside and smoothing your skin on the surface too.

As well as being insanely beautiful for your skin, one of the things I am most excited about is how this product supports your body’s natural detoxing processes. I believe that supporting your detox and drainage pathways is one of the best kinds of self-care you can give yourself, so I have formulated this product to make sure that it really works within your body deeply on a cellular level, as well as externally on your beautiful skin.

The detoxifying properties come from the magnesium chloride (sourced from Japan), the magnesium citrate and the baking soda. 

The science-backed benefits of transdermal magnesium absorption are powerful and well studied.  Magnesium is critical for detoxification - but really overlooked.

It’s crazy that it’s thought that 2 out of every 3 people worldwide are deficient in magnesium. It helps with over 300 things that your body needs to do to keep you functioning optimally. Lots of people take magnesium supplements but often your digestive system doesn’t absorb the types of magnesium that people pick. It’s now thought that the most efficient way to absorb it and top your magnesium levels up is through absorption through the skin (known as applying it topically or transdermally). This goes straight into the body and bloodstream without having to go through your digestive tract. When you soak in holi (bath), you get this transdermal magnesium absorption experience. Win Win.

Magnesium does a ton of things within the body and particularly helps with:

  • Muscle, joint and body pain;
  • Leg cramps, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, etc;
  • Sleep issues;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Migraines and headaches;
  • PMS symptoms;
  • Skin conditions and more

Magnesium is also critical for detoxification within the body. It works by stimulating cellular activity so that toxins within the body get removed from the cell and then moved into the bloodstream, ready for them to be flushed out of the body (assuming that your drainage pathways are open properly!). Magnesium particularly works on pulling heavy metals from the body (like lead, mercury and aluminum which are in a ton of products that we come into contact with) so I love that holi (bath) also helps pull out heavy metals.
The baking soda in the product is powerful too and helps the detoxification process. The major benefits from baking soda comes from the pH (because it is super super alkaline) so it helps to calm and neutralize acidic environments (including things on the skin like yeast infections, eczema, etc). Make sure you set aside about 20 to 30 minutes for proper soaking to see maximum results.

What makes the magnesium and baking soda combination even better is that the heat of a bath also facilitates detoxing within the body. The elevated temperature makes you sweat and opens your pores - helping to eliminate toxins, sweat them out of your skin and out of the body - while also pulling the minerals from the bath back into the body. It’s a two way street - dumping out the bad and pulling in the new. I love it!

Another part of the product that is awesome is the dead sea salt. This is powerful on it’s own, but when in combination with the baking soda and the magnesium, you get one of the most effective baths for detoxing the body from chemicals and the effects and impacts they have on your mind and body. Dead sea salt also brings a ton of other benefits to holi (bath). It is pumped full of magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, sulfates and more - so it is deeply nourishing in terms of giving the body what it needs to help it function as it should. It's deeply hydrating (improving and enhancing the skin barrier) and it's anti-inflammatory, it's naturally antibacterial (so it cleans the surface of the skin well and gently) and it also helps to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells that contribute to rough, patchy and scaly skin. Dead sea salt is so powerful, soothing muscles, working on the skin on the outside of the body and the muscles on the inside.

And magnesium, baking soda and dead sea salt together? The ultimate combination. But it doesn’t even stop there. There are so many other beautiful ingredients in this product that also work on your skin, as well as at the cellular level of your body.

Some of my favorites that are worth a mention are:

  • Coconut Milk - rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help keep skin supple, reduce dryness of the skin, eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and impart a luminous glow. Its calming properties cleanse acne-prone skin and packed with Vitamin C, coconut milk helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Japanese Magnesium - the detoxification trio, that restores skin's radiance by unclogging pores, softening calluses, and also cleansing acne-prone skin. As well as helping with skin texture, these natural minerals are believed to reduce the feeling of stress and promote a sense of relaxation so this really is a truly calming experience.
  • Calendula - derived and extracted from marigold flowers and has been shown to increase skin's elasticity and firmness while soothing irritation;
  • Camomile - a potent plant extract that reduces the appearance of scarring and nurtures the skin by replenishing its moisture barrier and helping to soothe irritated skin;
  • Organic honey - a natural salve that alleviates redness and itching of the skin (often caused due to dryness) but also works to gently exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Rose Oil - finally, this is one of my favorite ingredients. It is rich in vitamins A, B, E, C and K, antioxidants, minerals and helps to tackle dry skin but it also has an amazing impact on our heart chakra and our ability to stay open, loving and accepting. Rose oil also has powerful properties which can help the appearance of acne, redness, and inflammation. I love it.

This product is so beautiful. I love to soak in a bath, appreciate the moment and all my body has done for me, then get out and transition into my mirror work, affirmation time and holi (body) worshiping routine. Together, it's such a powerful, beautiful and goddess-like combination.

I'm so excited by this re-formulation and re-launch. I know you're going to love it too.

You can get yours here.

Love Jena x