holi (wash) And body (balm) - Your Fast Track To Sexy, Ageless Skin- Backed By Clinicals

holi (wash) And body (balm) - Your Fast Track To Sexy, Ageless Skin- Backed By Clinicals

Despite backlash from people telling me I would never succeed in the skincare arena, I started formulating efficacious face products with science backed actives that flew and really started making a name for themselves in the industry. As soon as I did this, I started getting repeated requests to formulate for the body too. This was always something I wanted to do because I feel like a big piece of the wellness puzzle that is missing today is that you can use all of the clean, natural, science-backed, incredible ingredients on your face. So as soon as I had the space and time to start formulating products for the body, I did. As you all know, my formulation process is something that I fully immerse myself in. I’m so excited that I’m finally able to launch the pre-sale for body (balm) and holi (wash) - my two newest products to be added to the Agent collection.

Read on to find out how these are going to overhaul your body-care routine and how you can sign up for the pre-order at the end of this blog.

First is holi (wash). Our ageless resurfacing foaming oil body cleanser. Both a body wash and natural exfoliant, this smoothing and resurfacing body cleanser is made with the highest quality face-grade, anti-aging actives as well as skin restorative organic bioactives and moisturizing ingredients. I’ve included face-grade actives into this new holi (wash), because I don’t believe that the skin on our face is the only skin that deserves the best quality, anti-aging, skin-health preserving ingredients or treatment. holi (wash) works to keep your body ageless and silky soft from head to toe every day.

This sensual, seductive, mysterious desert oasis blend of oud, sandalwood, rose, coconut and chamomile is beautifully woody, floral and warm. It is deeply hydrating and works to cleanse, nourish and balance your skin. Always hydrating, yet never drying, the beautiful, purifying formulation takes you on a gel to oil through to creamy foam body wash journey every time you use it. I love how it starts as an oil when you apply it in the shower or bath but then starts to foams up as you use it. 

holi (wash) is the product that is going to give you the foundation of a radiant glow for your entire body. Not just a foaming oil body cleanser and body wash, it is also a natural exfoliant and I love the organic bioactives in it. The lactic acid is a gentle exfoliant that washes away all remnants of dirt and pollution on your skin to reveal youthful-looking, firm, luminous skin. holi (wash) is also formulated with peony root extract, a nourishing botanical that offers antioxidant benefits, calming aloe leaf, that is deeply hydrating and rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, as well as other organic bioactives like daisy extract, cyathea medullaris leaf extract and Algae extract from New Zealand. These work together to make sure that holi (wash) acts as a great moisture retainer for the body.

I’m so excited for you to try this product and to get it in your shower or bath. The packaging is beautiful too, and I love how the product is on show in the bathroom.

Second is body (balm). When I say nothing delivers ageless skin like our body (balm), I mean it. body (balm) is Agent’s newest lifting and firming treatment creme that works to deeply hydrate, nourish, moisturize and deliver smooth and glowing skin, day through night. The texture of this product is unbelievable. It is thick, it is luxurious and after using this, you will never be able to go back to a regular body moisturizer again.

I formulated body (balm) for even the driest skin and for full body application and with ingredients that are proven to work. body (balm) is packed with hydrating plant extracts and skin-nourishing oils like jojoba seed oil, olus oil, rosehip fruit oil, argan oil, sunflower seed oil, and more that all work in unison to deliver the ULTIMATE nourishment for your body. The way that this product slides on is divine, and as well as nurturing soft, supple skin, with the ultimate glow, the formulation also delivers powerful antioxidant defense for your skin, protecting it against environmental stressors, strengthening the skin barrier, supporting skin health, fighting against premature skin aging, alleviating the appearance of sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles as well as keeping skin soft, silky and ageless from head to toe too.

And what is different about my body (balm) than competitors? Not only does this balm-like texture melts into the skin (it leaves a velvety, glistening finish that LASTS) but this product is also formulated with powerful, trademarked and patented face-grade anti-aging active ingredients like IBR-TCLC®, PhytoSpherix™ and IBR-Chill™ to really do the powerful work that your body needs.

Use holi (wash) followed by body (balm) and it's the perfect duo for clean, hydrated soft skin.

Welcome to a revitalized glow, body-wide, every time you step out of the shower.

Sign up for the pre-sale of body (balm) here and the pre-sale of holi (wash) here.

Jena x