holi (body) for the holi (win)

holi (body) for the holi (win)

I’m a loyal fangirl for every product in my product range, but there are a couple of products that I will never ever leave the house without using every day and that I will totally freak out if I run out of (or forget to travel with).

My holi (body) ageless body serum is one of them. It’s the sexiest product I have ever created. It gives skin the elusive ‘that girl’ glow and acts like natural retinol for your body. It’s highly concentrated formula makes it the perfect toning oil. It tightens, hydrates, and reduces scars, dark spots, and sun damage, replenishes collagen, increases skin elasticity, and restores and brightens skin tone. It’s pumped full of organic and wildcrafted ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin E and caffeine and rosehip seed oil that brighten your skin tone, reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you the ultimate glow. It’s honestly so thick, luxurious and silky without being ‘oily’ in the traditional sense. 

holi (body) is a critical part of my morning routine. Every single day I either add some to my bath [around 20 drops] or saturate it all over my body in the bath. Or, if I have more time, I will use it as an act of self-worship and apply it to my wet skin when I do my mirror work and affirmations as part of my daily routine. I will apply it in the mirror whilst connecting with my body and thanking it for all it does for me. This simple act of self-love is revolutionary - as well as giving me the most sexy, hydrated, velvety smooth skin.

The ingredients in holi (body) are powerful and even medicinal. Some of my favorite ingredients are:

  • Rosehip oil - abundant in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C. It helps your body to retain moisture, protect against environmental stressors, helps wound healing, and reduces the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.

  • Rosa damascena oil - works amazingly to soothe redness due to dryness and the antioxidant + antimicrobial properties of the Rosa damascena oil are powerful too for battling acne and promoting general skin health.

  • Organic helichrysum - the only known therapeutic oil that contains diketones which are regenerative compounds that promote youthful-looking skin. It is one of the most precious oils due to its alluring scent and ability to repair dryness and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate is a strong yet gentle form of vitamin C that is readily absorbed. It has been clinically proven to brighten the complexion’s appearance, improve skin’s texture, and reduce the look of fine lines and age spots so it’s powerful for the whole body.

But maybe one of my favorite medicinal ingredients in our holi(body) though is Oryza Sativa and the way that this body oil isn’t just powerful in terms of how it makes you feel, it’s also powerful in terms of what it does at a cellular level in your body. 

Oryza sativa is a Japanese rice bran oil rich in vitamins E and B, omega 9, and fatty acids. It’s packed full of antioxidants and natural emollients. What is fascinating about this ingredient though is the power it can hold for skin conditions - particularly psoriasis.

Psoriasis is one of the common chronic inflammatory disorders out there in today’s society. If you have psoriasis flare-ups, or you’re not alone. It’s a really complex (and sometimes misunderstood condition) that comes from a complex and dynamic set of layers between genetic and environmental factors that trigger an excessive inflammatory response in the skin - that is thought to push toxins out of the body and into the skin.

A recent study looked into the role of this Orza sativa and the results showed that the rice extract reduced the severity of psoriasis by working on so many different levels, including:

  • decreasing the epidermal thickness, epidermal inflammation and more;
  • increasing the expression levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • reducing the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-6, IL-8, IL-20, IL-22 and TNF-α);
  • downregulating the levels of psoriasis-associated genes (psoriasin, β-defensin, koebnerisin 15L and koebnerisin 15S); and
  • upregulating the levels of psoriasis-improving genes (caspase-14, involucrin and filaggrin)

This oryza sativa is thought to exert therapeutic effects on psoriasis through its antioxidative and immunomodulatory properties. Powerful stuff.

Holi (body) is revolutionary. The ingredients are powerful and the glow, glistening.

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Jena x