Healing Hydrosalpinx

Healing Hydrosalpinx

This month is Endometriosis Awareness Month and I want to be open about how endometriosis not only can impact your life, but can also affect your fertility. Here, I'll help you understand what you can do to feel better and take action to support your fertility.

In my opinion, surgery is not a cure for endo and usually, the scar tissue it leaves behind is more painful than the endo itself. I've lived this myself and have been on my healing journey with stage IV endometriosis and advanced adenomyosis. I have tried literally every treatment under the sun. From the pill to norethindrone, natural progesterone, Mayan abdominal massage, acupuncture, heavy metal detoxes, vaginal ozone therapy, glutathione drips, Korean vaginal steaming, MSM, and more, I have tried everything to remove, heal and break down the scar tissue that forms over time. 

Endometriosis and various surgeries can lead to hydrosalpinx, which is a fluid blockage in your fallopian tubes that may make it difficult for you to become pregnant. Hydrosalpinx also impacts embryos and endometrium. It impairs endometrial receptivity, reduces the IVF success rate, implantation rate, and pregnancy rate by 50 percent, and doubles the spontaneous abortion rate.

Meanwhile, I had hydrosalpinx from surgeons scraping my tubes during surgery. They told me the tube would never work again and they were wrong. I’ve healed hydrosalpinx with The Wurn Technique and other modalities! Here are some of the modalities that I have found to help the most with hydrosalpinx to restore my faith in my body’s healing ability and fertility: 

First, the Wurn Technique has been incredibly helpful and my tube is now open again thanks to this researched approach. It was created specifically to help with a wide range of adhesion-related conditions, including not only endo, but female infertility, hormonal conditions, post-surgical pain, and bowel obstructions. The Wurn Technique is a unique hands-on physical therapy modality created by Belinda Wurn and her husband. The technique is designed to deform and detach the bonds of these tiny but powerful adhesions and return the body to normal, pain-free function. 

One of the critical parts of my healing journey has been implementing myofascial release, which feels like an extension of the Wurn Technique. Pelvic floor therapy, too, has been important. Both of these approaches can be performed either on the outside of the body or on the inside. Internal and external healing sounds intimidating, but it is really important to support the body to keep it supple and prevent additional adhesions from forming. 

Cupping has been incredibly helpful, too. My sister taught me to cup myself with an at-home cupping kit and I refuse to travel without it. Cupping releases tight, painful muscles and helps increase blood circulation to the area you’re focused on. It’s based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps to keep Qi flowing through the body’s meridians to nourish the organs, cells, and tissues. Cupping is really good for uterine health because it helps break up knotted and tight muscles and it can help prevent the uterine lining from becoming too thick or too thin. TCM deeply believes that “where there is stagnation, there will be pain, so remove the stagnation and you will remove the pain” and cupping helps with this.

Also, understanding how to exercise to support and care for my pelvic floor has helped my healing journey, rather than challenge it. My trainer has really helped with this. 

After doctors weren’t able to complete the Osada Procedure, an aggressive excision of adenomyotic tissue, on me, I was recommended to get a radical hysterectomy which I refused. It’s here that MSM has been a game-changing supplement for me, particularly with healing from this surgery and helping to break down the myriad of scar tissue that has developed over the years. MSM has also reduced my pain levels significantly and this is why I’m formulating with MSM in my new supplement, holi (radiance). I am so excited for people to experience the powerful benefits, whatever it is that they are facing, but particularly for my fellow endo sufferers who are on their fertility journeys.  

Proleptic enzymes and systemic enzymes can also help heal scar tissue. Vitalzym XE was also really helpful for me. It’s the world’s leading professional-strength systemic enzyme and contains potent proteolytic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. It is formulated around serrapeptase, which has been shown to help the body break down protein, scar tissue, and inflammation. 

If you are on this journey, a good book to read is Beating Endo: How to Reclaim your Life from Endometriosis by Iris Kerin Orbuch M.S. If I ever have to have surgery, I’m going to have it with Iris. She is one of the world’s leading experts in endometriosis and this book helps to unwrap the mystery of the disease and gives women the tools they need to reclaim their lives.

For more on healing scar tissue related to endo, head here. I really hope that this blog post makes you feel less alone. 

Healing is possible. 

Love Jena x