For the people who don’t know about the science behind collagen

For the people who don’t know about the science behind collagen

There’s a lot of conflicting information about collagen out there in the health world and on the internet - a lot of it misinformed. Holi (mane) is one of my best-selling products in the Agent line. The reviews and testimonials are phenomenal, so this article is for the haters and people who need to see the science that backs the power of collagen. This blog will reference some of the most important, influential, and well-researched clinically researched, peer-reviewed studies that look into the impact of high-quality collagen (more to come on this) on general skin health, aging, wrinkles, elasticity, moisture, hydration, and more. 

First, to understand why these studies are a testament to why my collagen works the best (and why my competitors often don’t), you need to understand the concept of the different types of collagen - and the quality of holi (mane).

First up, our holi (mane) product is packed with marine collagen and it is a highly bioavailable combination of Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 collagen. Having this many types of collagen in one supplement is so incredibly rare and you honestly will find it hard to come by on the market. For more on why my collagen is the Hermes of collagen powders, head here. It truly is.

Secondly, in addition to the power behind these four types of collagen, the fact that Agent’s collagen is marine-based makes it 1.5 times more efficiently absorbed than other types of collagen out on the market. The marine-based nature of the product (sourced from the bones and scales of deep-caught kosher fish) also means that it is jam-packed with 8 out of 9 essential amino acids that the body needs - including glycine and proline, both critical building blocks for the body to create collagen (and keep reading to find out how this might help your sleep, too).

It’s also really important to understand that when people clap back at marine collagen and say that it is dangerous because of the ‘heavy metal content’, the truth is, they are wrong. Heavy metals are found in the fat of the fish, not the bones or scales, so the way my collagen is sourced means it is the highest quality and most effective for you and your body. I also believe that collagen derived from fish is the best source due to the lower environmental impact and risk of disease transmission.

The science behind non-agglomerated and hydrolyzed collagen

All in all, the quality of my sourcing and ingredients makes Agent Nateur’s collagen far superior to other forms of collagen on the market. Another main reason for this is that we only use non-agglomerated collagen. This means that I do not bind my collagen and that Agent Nateur’s collagen is superior to the brands that formulate with agglomerated collagen and build out their collagen into rounded balls with substances like gums, starches, oils, and water (and sometimes even with dangerously inflammatory oils like sunflower oil). In addition, a 2010 study that looked into the absorption and effectiveness of orally administered low molecular weight collagen (like Agent’s) confirmed that it “is absorbed in the small intestine and into the bloodstream as peptides and free amino acids and distributed into the dermis for up to 14 days”. A 2015 study also looked into the benefits of the same type of hydrolyzed collagen on skin properties. It concluded that it "provides amino acids for the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as stimulating the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid".

The science behind collagen for skin wrinkles, skin elasticity, and skin appearance

So, the first point to take away is that science-backed research and studies have *already* confirmed the power and positive impact of collagen on skin health. One of my favorite studies that goes deep into this is a randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled study that looked at the power and efficacy of freshwater marine collagen on skin health (linked here for you).

They orchestrated a 12-week study examining the impact of ‘fish-derived collagen peptide’ on skin wrinkles, elasticity and appearance. It concluded that after 12 weeks, participants in the study saw a 35% reduction in wrinkle score and a 24% greater reduction in wrinkles on the right side of the face than those on placebo. Pretty significant, and it doesn’t end there. After 12 weeks, the participants also reported improvements in general skin score and health (9%) as well as increases in elasticity (23%), hydration (14%), radiance (22%), and firmness (25%) against those in the placebo group.

The science behind collagen for skin moisture and signs of aging

Taking collagen has also been shown (in several human studies) to increase skin moisture and elasticity and reduce signs of aging after only eight weeks of ingestion. This is because it is thought to promote the growth of new skin cells as well as increasing hyaluronic acid production in the skin (which helps the skin to hold more moisture concentration than without it).

Another study linked here investigated the protective effect of marine collagen peptides and concluded that they might play a 'protective role in skin aging by improving the activity of antioxidants.

While there are tons more of these studies out there, a final of my favorites is a meta-analysis (which means that tons of studies have been reviewed & collated) that has also investigated and studied the effects of a hydrolyzed collagen on aging skin. This analysis included over 1100 participants between the ages of 20 and 70, over 90 days. They concluded that it was effective at:

  • Reducing wrinkles;
  • Improving skin elasticity;
  • Improving skin hydration;
  • Reducing signs of aging.

So, not only can collagen help with anti-aging (which makes sense because as we age, our collagen levels naturally start to decrease), but science-backed studies also show that it can help with general skin health and skin conditions like acne and eczema.

The science behind non-skin-related benefits

On top of the skin benefits of hydrolyzed and high-quality collagen, there are so many other benefits, including:

So, there is a lot of science here - for skin health, aging, wrinkles, elasticity, moisture, hydration, and more - and that is just the beginning. 

Those who do not believe in the power of ingestion of hydrolyzed collagen have not been reading into the significant number of science-backed studies that are backing this powerful product - or, maybe, they just haven’t tried my holi (mane) just yet.

You can shop yours here.

Please come back to me in 12 weeks and tell me how it’s going… I know you won’t be disappointed!

Love Jena x