Feeling stress and anxiety? Herbal remedies that help us cope

Feeling stress and anxiety? Herbal remedies that help us cope

We have all felt anxiety at some point in our lives. This often feels like an overall sense of uneasiness, tension, or restlessness. Our bodies perceive these feeling states as a potential threat , which triggers a cascade of hormones in our bodies.This activates a fight or flight response in our nervous system and spikes our adrenaline and cortisol, impairing our digestion and contracting our breath.

Chronic anxiety and stress strain adrenal and pituitary glands and overtime contribute to health issues and feelings of constant fatigue and burnout.

Herbal remedies are amazing When dealing with acute anxiety as they can serve in a gentle ways to help us cope and adapt. There are so many supportive options, so try a few and see what works for you.

HOLI BASIL- one of my favourite herbs which is found in our holi-youth formula. All parts of the holi basil plant act as an adaptogen where it actually works to lower cortisol levels. According to the journal of auerveda and integrative medicine holi basil has anti depressant and anti anxiety properties.

LEMON BALM is a nervous system relaxant that's wonderful for anxiety.

CHAMOMILE is a calming relaxant that helps with nervousness and irritabtilty.It is also helpful for sleep and an amazing option for children. We formulated holi bath with this incredible herb. 

OATSTRAW + MILKY OAT TOPS are nutritive herbs that act as gentle nervine tonics which relax and nourish the nervous system. Through long term use, oatstraw can increase strength and stamina and ease anxiety from stress and exhaustion.

SKULLCAP is a nervine tonic used to ease stress and anxiety. When taken long term it can help relieve ongoing nervous system tension, skullcap improves mood, reduces oxidative stress and supports cognitive function.

PASSION FLOWER is a mild sedative and a hypnotic which aids the body by relieving tension and anxiety. It is also a powerful ally for insomnia as it supports deep and restorative sleep.

LINDEN FLOWER is great for calming anxiety and promoting relaxation.

FLOWER REMEDIES or FLOWER ESSENCES are used to address mental and emotional components of one's health in which anxiety symptoms are rooted. BACH RESCUE REMEDY an amazing option. ROSE FLOWER ESSENCE uplifts the heart and mind and calms hyper activity of the mind and body and can calm panic attacks and anxiety.

Try incorporating some of these herbs into your life, and see what works for you.