Collagen Negates Cancer? Read This Study

Collagen Negates Cancer? Read This Study

For a long time, people have not realized the cellular power and transformative benefits of supplementing with collagen. Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time someone said "does collagen actually do anything"...  but hopefully, after this article, maybe that sentiment will change.

Something that really amazed me when I learned about it, was that in 2021, scientists stumbled upon an extraordinary connection between a specific type of collagen and its ability to keep those dormant cancer cells in check. Collagen could help to keep cancer at bay? Yes, really!

This mind-blowing revelation has the potential to turn the tables on this disease worldwide, igniting a ray of hope and empowering patients all over the world. And maybe holi (mane) could be part of that revolution? How incredible would that be?!

Now, let’s get into the study. The scientists in the 2021 study observed that dormant cancer cells were enveloped by higher concentrations of a specific type of collagen compared to active cancer cells. When they investigated deeper, specifically looking into patients with head and neck cancer, they again detected the presence of this specific type of collagen. And this specific type of collagen? Enter stage right: Type III collagen, a key type of collagen that we incorporate into our holi (mane) product. 

The study gets even more interesting. It shows that individuals whose cancer had metastasized to their lymph nodes (which we all know is bad news) exhibited primary tumors with lower levels of this Type III collagen. And, when considering why some people’s cancers metastasized and some didn’t (i.e. how some people could have cancer staying dormant for years, before reappearing, seemingly with no reason), they discovered that the cancer cells stayed dormant by secreting a specific type of collagen protein into their environment.

What this means is that when the collagen level falls, the cells turn malignant (cue: cancer). And what was even more unbelievably exciting? The Nature Cancer journal reported that actively adding collagen to the cancer cells’ environment forces them to remain in the dormant state! Crazy! The identification of Type III collagen's role in maintaining dormancy and its potential influence on cancer metastasis is potentially a huge step forward in the fight against the disease.

So, can we keep cancer asleep with collagen? And how would this work?

The research indicates that the collagen found in the tumor, which is a natural part of our body's connective tissue, has an impact on the chemistry of our body and influences the dormancy of cancer cells. This process works through a signaling pathway, where the collagen changes from a wavy structure to a straighter structure. This transformation sets off a series of signals that help keep the cancer cells dormant. Although scientists are still investigating the specific details of this pathway, they have observed that when this process is disrupted or interfered with, the cancer cells become active again.

So, adding collagen into your diet is becoming more important than ever before and our holi (mane) is the perfect solution. At Agent, we consistently emphasize the significance of high-quality sourcing. We have long been recognized for offering the best collagen on the market, surpassing our competitors in terms of unmatched quality. Now, with the recent confirmation of how Type III collagen in our holi (mane) product can aid in the fight against cancer, I feel even more confident in what a revolutionary product this is because so many collagens do not have Types I, II, III and IV in their formulations like we do.  

holi (mane) is meticulously formulated with non-agglomerated collagen, ensuring that we maintain the highest quality without making any compromises. I personally have complete confidence in this product and take immense pride in seeing it listed as one of our bestsellers.

I encourage you to share this blog with anyone who might find it interesting, helpful, or even life-changing. Imagine a future where collagen supplementation becomes a powerful weapon against cancer?! This is so powerful and by sharing this information, we can spread awareness, support those in need, and contribute to the ongoing fight against this disease.

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