Ageless At 67: Get My Mom’s Routine

Ageless At 67: Get My Mom’s Routine

Celebrating Mother's Day With Our Founder Jena’s Mom, Marcella

Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate the strength and beauty of all the mothers in our lives. In honor of this special day, we spoke to none other than our founder Jena’s mother, Marcella. Marcella has such gorgeous skin, and she really is proof that you can have healthy skin at any age if you take care of yourself. Marcella was actually the muse and the reason why Jena became so fascinated with effective actives that create ageless skin. She was also the inspiration behind two of our best-selling products - holi (mane) and holi (bright).

Here, Marcella spoke to us all about her skin and body care routine and how she is taking care of herself these days as she ages so gracefully. She also shares who the incredible women are that have inspired her in her life and gives us some advice she would have wanted to give her younger self.

Marcella, you have aged so gracefully! What is your skincare routine since we launched our new products? Tell us about holi (lift) and the effects you are seeing with your skin.

Thank you! As a teenager, I became radically interested in health. A friend’s mother was diagnosed with liver cancer in the early 70’s which deeply impacted my life. She was treated in Mexico, where they recommended juicing and treatment protocols which were radically different from the traditional medicine found in the United States. At that time, I realized that diet and exercise were key to health. In 1972, I developed teenage acne and was treated with Retin-A and this has been a part of my skin regimen since the 70’s, along with sunblock.

In the morning, I apply Agent’s holi (crème) filter face cream with holi C or holi (water) pearl and rose toner and and holi C powder, followed by applying an SPF 50 zinc formula. Jena is releasing an SPF shortly. In the evening, I apply Retin-A or holi (lift), and alternate a few days with either. The lift is very effective in tightening and reducing wrinkles and cannot be mixed with Retin-A. Throughout the day, I may apply hyaluronic acid around the eyes as it smooths lines. I use primer and foundation with SPF and yes, I love cosmetics and color, bright pink and red lipstick and a waterproof lip liner.

How about body balm? How do you use this product, and what do you love about it?

I apply the body balm following an evening bath. It’s so luxurious and the scent is so calming. I wake up and my skin is still hydrated. 

What age did you see aging the most with yourself?

It’s always been gradual. I believe if we take care of our body and soul, through restricting, fasting, and exercising regularly then we age gently.

Do you think running sags the skin? Jena believes it does.

I began running in 2009 and ran up to five miles, three to four times per week and continued through last year (2022). That’s when I found that running was no longer effective, nor was cycling. I’ve worked from home the past three years, and had gained ten pounds and felt very unhealthy. I was practicing the same exercise routine, but it had become ineffective. I now work a hybrid schedule incorporating an F45 workout throughout the day and have lost ten pounds. F45 workouts are functional training high-intensity cardio with alternating resistance. There are hundreds of online sessions. It’s also critical to hydrate throughout the day, as I’ve experienced profuse hidrosis due to insufficient fluid intake. I experience dizziness if I’m not fully hydrated with a mixture of water, coconut water, salt and lemon. We should drink one-half of our body weight, in ounces. As I’m 110 pounds, I try to drink 55 ounces daily.

Did running impact your joints?

No, I take MSM regularly and have recently used Jena’s new product which is super. I experience no joint pain. Jena and I walked in excess of 60 miles while in Europe over a 10-day period, with no joint pain.

What are the best exercises you do for yourself that you would recommend to others?

Workouts from the F45 program, at any age, and walking.

Do you sleep well? If so, what are your tips for a great night's sleep?

I love nine to ten hours of sleep as it recharges and clears the brain. I avoid caffeine after 12:00 noon and ensure I leave my iPhone outside the bedroom. Sound sleep requires a multi-disciplined approach.  Drinking alcohol impacts sleep negatively, whilst exercise and a healthy diet impact sleep for the better.  REM sleep is critical as it plays an important role in dreaming, memory, emotional processing and healthy brain development. Without adequate phases of sleep, your cognitive performance declines. Dr. Nayan Patel created Glutaryl, a glutathione supplement which aids in detoxifying the body of existing free radicals and improving health, including sleep. I take magnesium (500 mg), Vitamin D3 (5,000 units daily) with K2 (100 mg), zinc (50 mg) selenium (not more than 50 mcg), L-Theanine (200 mg), Gaba (500 mg) and Vitamin C (1,000 mg).

How is your cognitive function, and what are the best things we can do to support ours?

I recently took the Amen Clinic Brain survey, and the results reflected a Brain Type 1, which is the Balanced Brain Type. My work requires research and financial analysis daily, with quick, thoughtful decision-making. I think the more we use our brain, the better our brain functions, aided by diet, exercise and eliminating worry and anxiety.

What does your diet look like? Do you stay away from any foods?

I purchase produce weekly from a local organic farm and eat mainly vegetables, wild-caught fish, and local, free-range chickens which I buy from a small farm in Pennsylvania (three pounds).  I drink up to 55 oz. of water with coconut water, Himalayan sea salt and lemon each day, and my hot drink of choice is Rishi blueberry hibiscus tea.

How has your diet changed over the years?

It’s not changed.

Jena said wine and salt visibly negatively affect the skin as we age. Do you see a difference in your skin when you avoid these things?

I might have a glass of sparkling rosé on the weekend. Drinking more than one glass of wine or alcohol most certainly does affect skin and hydration and causes puffiness around the eyes, interferes with sleep, and causes binge eating. Grain-based alcohol is extremely unhealthy.

Which women inspire you in your life, and why?

Jena inspires me. She is fearless and motivated every day and embodies the American Dream. Society bemoans this and states that meritocracy no longer exists. NOT TRUE. Agent Nateur was born from a pure desire to create a deodorant product that was aluminum-free as there was a void in the market. And it  was created with the desire to help others with products that are proven effective and beautifully presented, with a narrative. We crave truth and are drawn to beauty.

In addition to Jena, I’d have to say the other women in my family. My Grandmother, Marcella, gave my sister and me unconditional love and introduced us to beauty. Beautiful furnishings, beautiful clothes, and beauty products. She had her cosmetics blended at Nevius-Voorhees, an upscale department store in Trenton. My Mom gave us our Catholic faith and my sister, Rose, has been walking by my side with Jena and Louis.

If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would that be?

Follow your dreams and create from the desire to help the world with truth and beauty.