Boosting the Immune System Daily and During COVID-19

Boosting the Immune System Daily and During COVID-19

In light of the current state of the world with Covid-19, it is no wonder why everyone’s asking what they can do to stay safe. With so much fear, different opinions and solutions circulating the world, it almost feels impossible lately to get your thoughts in order. Lucky for you, we have been empowering people with tips and tools on how to build the immune system long before this journey started. Whether you have already begun to apply some of these methods into your daily regimen or are looking for information on where to begin, there is something to walk away with for everyone here. However, lets keep in mind that the most important thing we can learn today is to build and strengthen our state of mind now more than ever. Every cell in our body is eaves dropping in our thoughts and emotions and the fear and stress may potentially be more toxic then the actual virus itself.

It is encouraged to utilize the information already provided in previous blog posts found in Agent Tips that may be extremely helpful for both immune boosting and antiviral information. Some of the topics previously discussed are:

Lemon Balm Tea: Melissa Officinalis is an herb known for not only its antiviral properties, but also for calming the central nervous system. This also includes appropriating “fight or flight mode” triggered by times of high stress. Lemon balm tea also embodies emotional support from “worrying about outcomes” according to the Medical Medium.

Vitamin A: Studies have shown that a vitamin A deficiency results in multiple derangements that impair the response to infections. Fat soluble Retinal palmatate found in things like liver and egg yolks supports all aspects of immune function.

HPV: Although we target the Human papillomavirus  in this article, one of the largest that plagues humanity with over 150 different strains that have been identified. This blog lists a plethora of herbs, vitamins, foods and techniques that target all viruses alike.

Sweet Potatoes: This nutrient dense food not only helps support all facets of healing disease in the body, but it also high in Vitamin A, Antioxidants and over 50% of the sweet potato contains powerful antiviral vitamin C.

Astragalus: This herb heightens the efficiency of virtually every element of the immune system as it contains dozens of components that increase the count of white blood cells and stimulates the production of antibodies, triggering immune cells to “wake up” from a resting phase. Astragalus increases interferon levels, natural killer-cells and T-cell (it can make T-cells more aggressive) activity which aid in destroying virus, bacteria and microbes.

Healing Bronchitis: Jena lists all of the natural herbs, vitamins and techniques that helped heal her aggressive upper respiratory infection.

Nebulizing Colloidal Silver: Due to colloidal silvers antiviral and antibacterial properties, one of the most common uses is to nebulize it as a form of treatment for bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory infections. This blog teaches you on how to choose the right silver, dosing and other complimentary techniques that target respiratory infections.

Dr Zachs Ionbiome: Some of the many benefits of integrating Ionbiome, formerly known as “Restore” in as a daily supplement include gut health, hydration, immune function, restore communication within bacteria in the gut, mitochondria, and cells, combat environmental exposures, enhance mental clarity, and improve neurological function, eczema, gluten intolerance, bloating and gas, hormonal issue, and nutrient absorption. Reports are linking gut health to covid outcomes, strengthening the gut can be imperative

Glutathione: This powerful antioxidant is found in every cell in the body which helps support every part of immune function and fighting disease. Studies show that it has been known to block replication of viruses such as HIV and influenza.

All of the techniques and information found in the blogs listed above can be beneficial in not only aiding the immune system in fighting viral infections, but also to help build natural immunity efficiently. Here are some other herbs and techniques that can be researched and discussed with your doctor that may be useful in aiding the the immune system against covid-19:

Source Naturals Wellness Formula is an intelligent herbal defense complex that aids in every facet of immune building and fighting infection.

Vitamin D: Studies prove that increasing vitamin D could play a central role in protection against respiratory virus infections.

NAC: This natural decongestant helps soften and break up thick mucus in the lungs, allowing it to be easier to expel while consecutively replenishing intracellular glutathione. NAC should only be used as needed to avoid it drying up other mucus membranes in eyes, nose, throat, stomach and gut.  

ZINC: this essential trace element is responsible for every crucial function in the immune system. Zinc deficiency is linked to a higher risk of acquiring viral infections. Medical Medium Zinc shock therapy is beneficial at first signs of infection. Zinc is currently being administered along side pharmaceutical drugs such as Remdesivir, Chloroquine, Lopinavir, Ritonavir and APN01 to treat Covid-19 successfully. 

Vitamin C: studies are showing that this powerful antioxidant is helping prevent cytokine induced damage to the lungs. It is currently being used to not only prevent but also treat Covid-19 in China successfully.

Quercetin: flavanoids that boost immune system and reduce inflammation found in citrus peels, grapes and onions.

Homeopathics: Dr. Paul Herscu is considering Gelsemium, Bryonia, Eupatrium and Mercurius to assist in fighting Covid-19 as reported by Jena. These can be formulated together in antiviral and flu formulas or taken separately.

B12 with adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin is utilized by the body when fighting illness. B12 protects the central nervous system through times of stress and also helps the body recover from illness faster.

Antiviral Herbs and Roots that aid in respiratory disease: Cats Claw, Mullein Leaf, Goldenseal, Pleurisy, Slippery Elm, Wild Cherry bark, Plantain, Burdock Root, Dandelion root, Pau D Arco, Olive Leaf, Andrographis, Oregeno, Siberian Ginseng, Chickweed, Horehound, Kelp, Licorice root, Cinnamon, Fennel, Marshmallow root, Lobelia and Lomatium.

Spirulina strengthens the immune system while helping prevent and stop viral growth.

L-Lysine slows down virus activity while impairing the virus cells to replicate.

Teas such as Citrus Peels, Rose hips, Green Tea, Thyme, Echinacea and elderflower are wonderful for all viral applications. Organic Olivias “immunitea” which can be found in her highlights.

Elderberry supports all respiratory functions as well as rebuild and replenish vital organs while fighting illness. It also weakens incoming viruses that may enter the body.

Tumeric, Local Honey, Ginger, Mushrooms and Raw Garlic all embody powerful antiviral properties and should be integrated into daily meals or smoothies to assist the immune system in preventing and fighting all disease.

Removal of all inflammatory inducing foods such as wheat, gluten, processed foods, sugars, eggs, dairy, corn and soy is also crucial when aiding the immune system in preventing and fighting off disease. Integrating a variety of fresh plant foods, berries, fermented foods and healthy fats daily to build and replenish the body. Work on controlling stress levels and caring for the central nervous system. Using guided meditations, positive affirmations and grounding are wonderful techniques that can be practiced daily. Sound healing tones such as 182 hz and 528 hz can help bring balance to the solar plexus chakra which governs the lungs. As reported in my post at simpleorganix, 741 hz frequency healing has the ability to vibrate viruses to death. Detox baths, sweating, rebounding and deep breathing techniques are also wonderful in in supporting the lymph system during this time.

We encourage everyone to research, empower yourself with information and to stay safe. This is a great opportunity to not only help build your physical body but also tend the spiritual and emotional body that is often times over looked in our busy daily routine. Now is the time to refocus so that we may be able to grow through what we are going through, together.