Ask Jena: Holi Questions About Holi (Wash) And Body (Balm)

Ask Jena: Holi Questions About Holi (Wash) And Body (Balm)

I’m so excited that my two newest products body (balm) and holi (wash) are now finally available to order because why should the highest quality products only be formulated for your face? 

holi (wash) is my new ageless resurfacing foaming oil body cleanser created for the ultimate shower and bathing experience. It is both a body wash and natural exfoliant and this smoothing and resurfacing body cleanser is made with the highest quality face-grade, anti-aging actives as well as skin restorative organic bioactives and moisturizing ingredients. This is the perfect, deeply-rich, always-hydrating shower or bath product to be used for full-body cleaning every day.

body (balm) is my newest ageless body treatment créme. When I say that this body (balm) is unlike anything you’ve ever tried, I am not joking. I created body (balm) because I wanted to further hydrate my skin with something that I visibly saw hours after applying it. It’s rich and decadent and has a similar scent to holi (oil), with a ton of face grade actives that visibly help the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage and fine lines. I reformulated it over and over until I achieved the most beautiful, glistening, velvety texture. It feels like silk and of course it’s not sticky or tacky. When I wear a skirt or show my arms or chest, you can see it glistening and highlighting my skin hours later.

Here are my top questions I get asked about the new products launching - body (balm) and holi (wash) - how to use them, what you can expect, the formulations, the Agent mission and more.

Anything else, you can ask me or Agent Nateur directly on Instagram

Love Jena x

When can I get body (balm) and holi (wash)?

Pre-order is over. Both the products can now be purchased! You can get body (balm) here and holi (wash) here.

When can I get it in the UK?

The products are available for delivery to the UK now. We are currently working on a new shipping system so that you will have much better pricing without the crazy expensive shipping and import taxes. This should hit sometime from January onwards.

How does body (balm) work with your body oil holi (body)? Do you only need one?

Good question. They work together but you can use the balm alone too. Personally, I do the oil first when my skin is wet and then I add the balm. The balm locks in the moisture and really helps the dry skin on my legs (as well as the sun damage on my chest, dry arms and also making my collar bone glisten). I also put it on my wrists where I see fine lines. You can use them together, or individually. Whatever works best for you, but I like the duo.

Can body (balm) be applied to dry skin or does it need to be moist?

You can apply it to dry skin or moist skin. I personally prefer to apply holi (body)- our Agent Nateur body oil - to wet skin and balm after the oil or onto dry skin directly, but you can do whatever works for you.

Is there any synthetic fragrance in either body (balm) or holi (wash)?

There are no synthetic fragrance in either product. body (balm) contains helichrysum rose and sandalwood. It smells like the body oil in the range already. It’s very lightly fragranced.

holi (wash) is a true natural fragrance with notes of oud, sandalwood and rose. It smells like a desert oasis and is very Middle Eastern inspired with lots of depth. The natural fragrance is derived from isolates and absolutes. Sarah Brown from Violet Grey loved the scent and for me that was a huge stamp of approval.

How long will body (balm) and holi (wash) last for?

You know I love creating products that last and that most of my SKUs are really big, last a long time and are insanely generous. These two will last around 2 months or so if used consistently.

I hate the feeling of anything on my skin, how does the balm feel?

It doesn’t feel sticky, tacky or greasy. It feels like you applied holi (oil) 30 minutes earlier but the feeling doesn’t go away.

How long do you need to wait to get dressed after putting on body (balm)?

You don’t need to wait more than five minutes. It absorbs quickly.

Does body (balm) stain clothes?

No stains! It will absorb just fine. I wear silk and leather and delicate fabrics and no problem. Just wait for it to set for 5 minutes before putting these beautiful fabrics on.

Are the body (balm) and holi (wash) containers recyclable and/or refillable?

The products are not refillable and are housed in plastic for a number of reasons. First of all, glass is heavy, hard to travel with and breaks. It’s also unsafe in the shower when it is 200ml and holi (wash) is made for the shower.

Second, if I shipped glass containers, the shipping costs would be insane and I don’t want to increase my prices to charge over $150 for a body balm to cover this increase in shipping costs.

Glass also isn’t as sustainable as you think.

Finally, refillable beauty is something that people aren’t talking enough about. What people don’t understand is that refillable beauty products might be okay to refill once or twice but after that bacteria will start to grow and it’s unsanitary and no one is talking about this. I’m not jumping on a bandwagon just to try and market my line and I’m not going to trick the public. The deodorant bottles in the line are made from recycled milk cartons and I always try where I can to incorporate sustainable ingredients and packaging into the line.

Can both products be used / be worn with fake tan?

For sure. Whenever I get a fake tan they actually tell me to load up on my products as they make the tan last longer. body (balm) will be great for this.

Does it help with stretch marks and crepey skin? What about cellulite? 

Yes! It does. If you’re suffering from crepey thin skin I always advise The Trinity as well as acid (wash), holi (bright) and the new holi (lift) serum that is coming out soon.

But do you know what helps my legs the most and helps with cellulite? Climbing stairs. I’ve been doing this for five years. 20 flights minimum a day at leas 3 - 4 times a week for 9 months.

What about extra dry, very sensitive, eczema-prone skin, skin with dermatitis or skin impacted by diabetes?

Yes. The balm is extremely good for these conditions.

What about scarring?

holi (body) [our original body oil] was originally formulated for scars but balm is amazing too and a slightly richer product.

Can you just apply with your hands?

Yes! I’m currently developing Agent Nateur Korean inspired gloves that will change your skin and make it so much softer. It’s crazy and like night and day. But until then, you can just use your hands or our wash cloth that comes with our duo cleansing kit.

Does the body wash contain soap based surfactant ingredients?

Yes but they are derived from coconut and sugar so they are natural surfactants that I use to create the foaming of the body wash product and to ensure that you are extra clean. We also adjust the product with almond oil, vitamin e, jojoba and lactic acid to also deeply hydrate along with there being so many actives in the product for anti-aging, redness and sun damage too.

Can you use the body wash on your face?

No. There are isolates in it which are derived from essential oils to create a natural fragrance. It’s a spin off of acid (wash) but with more foam and oil and a true natural perfume. I would stick to the face products for your face.

Is everything gluten free?