Agent Woman Sophie Haig

Agent Woman Sophie Haig

Agent Woman

[ey-juhnt woo m-uh n]


A woman with tenacity, confidence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a distinct point of view when it comes to holistic beauty and wellness. Women that our founder, Jena Covello, admire most.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Sophie Haig is a clean and natural beauty savant and her knowledge of green beauty makes her stand out from colleagues. With her chosen products in hand, Sophie crafts the most beautiful skin, letting her client’s complexion shine through. Meet Agent Woman, Sophie Haig.

Name: Sophie Haig

Instagram: @sophiehaig

Daily uniform: I’m currently 6 months pregnant, so lots of loose-fitting dresses and kimono-style tops and pants.

AM ritual: As well as being pregnant, I have a 2-year-old son at home, so mornings don’t typically involve much self-care as my husband and I are usually frantically running around getting our son ready before our workday begins. If I do have some time in the morning, I like to make myself a little hot cacao with coconut milk, honey, and collagen peptides, do a little facial gua sha, go for a walk, or do prenatal yoga.

PM wind down: I love taking Epsom salt baths in the evening with my toddler. It’s a lovely tradition we have to calm down from the day. The Epsom salts are also a great way to get extra magnesium and are known to be a gentle detoxifier. After bathing, I like to hydrate my skin and my growing belly with shea butter and take my fish oil and prenatal vitamins before going to sleep.

Feel-good song: Treat Me Like Fire by Lion Babe.

A mistake you’ve learned from: Not dedicating enough time to my mental well-being. I have always been so conscious about what I put in and on my body that I would often forget to do check-ins on my thoughts and mood. Meditation and therapy are some of the best self-care tools to give yourself.

To your younger self: A little bit of self-compassion will go a long way.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: My therapist. It took me almost thirty years to give therapy a go and I haven’t looked back since. She has helped me to navigate the connection between childhood and adolescent trauma, stresses, and inflammation in the body. Talking to her and using an array of mindfulness techniques that she has shared with me, including EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping), has been the missing piece to my healing journey from autoimmune disease.  

Favorite wellness/beauty book: The Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, also known as the GAPS diet. It’s pretty extreme for a lot of people, but I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from any digestive issues such as leaky gut, IBS, and/or autoimmune disease to give it a go!

Go-to stress remedy: An Epsom salt bath/foot soak and EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping).

Supplements you can’t live without:  I love Rosita’s Cod liver oil capsules, Dr. Mercola’s Liposomal Vitamin C capsules, and Trizomal Glutathione by Apex Energetics.

Three things you’re really into right now: The High Fidelity official playlist on Spotify, binge-watching all the true crime documentaries/series that are on HBO right now, and beach days with my family.

Top 3 Instagram accounts for inspiration: I have been really inspired by a lot of visual artists recently, including @ineslongevial, @zebrakadebra, and @honeycombdaughter.

Your ultimate indulgence: During this pregnancy, I have really been following my body’s cues and I won’t deprive myself of any cravings (not that they have been too outlandish). One of my favorite treats to have right now are Medjool dates stuffed with vanilla almond butter.

Must-have Agent Nateur product: My husband and I both use the uni (sex) N5 deodorant. It’s literally the best natural deodorant on the market and it smells really sexy.