Agent Woman Kim Walls

Agent Woman Kim Walls

[ey-juhnt woo m-uh n]


A woman who embodies the spirit of truth, authenticity and ingenuity. She lives her potential, embracing her unique gifts and shining her light to consciously create a better world. As an Agent of beauty and inspiration, she is a woman admired by our founder, Jena Covello.

Meet Agent Woman Kim Walls. The clean beauty creator, and CEO, was born into the beauty industry. Her father is the renowned founder of Epicuren, and she herself has co-founded clean beauty brands Furtuna Skin, Bambini Furtuna, and Kelsen. After 20 years of researching how to treat preemie baby skin problems, Kim founded BEB Organic, an organic skincare line developed especially for the sensitive skin of preemies. As a skincare innovator and educator, Kim works with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians to deliver what clients need and teach how skin is a reflection of health. She deeply cares about social change and advocates for safe beauty, family health, and human rights.

Name: Kim Walls


Daily uniform: That depends entirely on whether or not I’m leaving the house, getting on a visual conference call, or just sitting in front of my computer for ridiculous hours on end. I definitely don’t get dressed for myself, but only because being well dressed is an important part of being professional. If I had my druthers, I’d stay in pajamas all day, everyday day. Not because I’m lazy, but because it saves time for doing other things that I’d rather be doing. That said, there are ample studies proving that how a person dresses and whether or not they wear makeup (for women), inspires trust or lack thereof. I take data very seriously. For example, a neutral, well-polished lip conveys financial reliability. A red lip does the opposite. My favorite neutral gloss is the Coconut Milky Jellyby Tower 28.

While I certainly have Chloe and Gucci in my closet, I live in a brandless wardrobe. I literally have no idea what the label says on my clothes most days. If it is silk, linen, or cotton and has a double fold hem with a finished interior edge, I’m happy to be in it. I despise throwing clothing away because of the waste, especially in fast-fashion. One of my favorite daily-wear brands right now isJohnny Wasbecause I love the colors and total mishmash of inspiration in the fabrics. But I do wish the clothes were more resilient because I love them so much and want them to be multigenerational.

AM ritual: I wake up with the sun. Our circadian rhythm is so important to honor. Some days I’m forced to set an alarm, but my body curses me for waking up too early if I’m not complete with the DNA repair that happens each night. Sleep is sacred. My whole family knows that it is practically useless to speak with me before coffee or tea. I alternate. My morning ritual of hot liquids isn’t as much about the caffeine as it is about the stagnance-clearing heat and silence in the morning. Most of the time I don’t turn my phone on or look at it before 9 a.m. PST. I do get on my computer, a notepad, or sketchbook to pour out ideas, but in the mornings I’m not ready to take in information. It is a time to express.

PM wind down: My most important evening ritual is washing my face, brushing teeth, and using a steaming hot cloth on my feet. Every night I take a fresh cloth, wet it with hot water, scrub my feet furiously, and add Umasleeping oils to trigger my vagus nerve for relaxation.

Feel-good song: I love music, pretty much all of it. When left to my own devices I mostly listen to classical and country, but I have sons who are 18 and 15, and a husband who uses the latest music in the trailers he cuts, so new music is constantly in my life. I don’t choose it. I just love it. I especially love randomly dancing to anything that might be playing. But, if I have to choose, at the moment, literally anything played by Itzhak Perlmanmakes me feel good.

A mistake you’ve learned from: All of them. I learn from all of my mistakes, or at least I mean to do so. Sometimes our perceived selves are not quite in-line with our actual selves (as one of my favorite people reminds me from time-to-time), but I live a life full of taking chances and try to learn at every step. I keep words from my mother in my head about mistakes, “never make the same mistake twice”. Making mistakes is part-and-parcel to being an entrepreneur, but if the wins outweigh the mistakes over time, all will be well.

To your younger self: I say this as a cisgender, heterosexual woman: take the boys less seriously. I wouldn’t say that to my current self because I have two amazing sons and a husband who I adore. I take them very seriously; however, in my younger years, boys were really just a distraction.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: Emma Goodman, probably better known as @skinwitchla, believes in me. And I believe in her. When a woman truly believes in another woman without hesitancy or the feeling of competition, magic happens. Emma reminds me to ground myself and to be present as she is with her daughter and in her career as an esthetician to the stars. She’s a light.

Favorite wellness/beauty book: The Color Codeis my favorite wellness book. It takes all the complexity out of eating well and reinforces the value of color in our diets.

Go-to stress remedy: Getting good sleep is my go-to stress remedy. I definitely experience high-stress and anxiety from time-to-time. There’s absolutely nothing better than a good night’s sleep to solve stress. The best way to deal with stress is not just getting sleep but using “good sleep” as a goal and focal point.  To get good sleep: don’t look at a device within a few hours of going to sleep, don’t drink anything but water, or eat within a few hours of going to sleep, get exercise during the day, and engage in a nighttime ritual to trigger sleep hormones. The result = pure magic. I use the www.furtunaskin.comReplenishing Balm every night before bed. It has magnolia oil in it, which is very relaxing, and it is the last thing I do before settling into sleep.

Supplements you can’t live without: I’m a die-hard advocate of probiotics, DHA, and a multivitamin sourced from raw, whole foods. I also take Gaiaherbs Adrenal Health for the hormone balancing adaptogens every afternoon. While I eat very well and fundamentally want to believe we should be able to get all of our nutrition from food, I’m also a realist with a crazy-busy life and recognize that I don’t always live by my own ideals. Supplements are helpful to balance out where my discipline in self-health runs thin.

Three things you’re really into right now: At this moment I’m really into rock climbing because climbing provides a way to exercise, be outside, and be social all at once. There’s a pace to climbing that is really slow because everyone waits their turn when you’re at a wall, and collaboration because we depend on each other for life as we traverse the unknown one toe and foot hold at a time. I’m also seriously into podcasts and planning future travels right now. The one product I must have when I’m on a trip is When I’m out climbing, my go-to sunscreen is from

Top 3 Instagram accounts for inspiration: I enjoy Instagram, but it isn’t where I find inspiration, with the exception of makeup artists. I have several favorite makeup artists, like @suzygerstein and @jamiemakeup. As a general way of going, I find inspiration in the most unplanned places, in random exchanges between friends, between myself and a plant on the street, in technological advances. I find inspiration nearly everywhere except Instagram. BUT, I do have Instagram accounts that I see and admire. For one, @biglittlefeelings. I want our children, our future, to be brought into the world in a way that inspires and builds them up without limiting them. Culturally we have moved largely into a form of parenting that solves everything for our littles as much as we can vs teaching them that they are powerful in their own rights.

There are people on Instagram who have inspiring, and important messages and I love some of those messages. TikTok is definitely my preference over IG. My kids send me the most remarkable social commentary on TikTok, and also silly clips that bring pure joy and laughter. Along the lines of seeing a better future for our children, especially when it comes to using our senses for deeper connections, I highly recommend www.beborganic.comskincare products because they work on so many levels.

Your ultimate indulgence: Wine. In so many ways we’d all be better off without any form of alcohol in our lives, but boy do I love my wine - especially when it comes to hearing the stories of the vintners who make natural, organic, and biodynamic small-batch productions. My favorite local wine shop is Lou’s in Los Feliz.

Must-have Agent Nateur product: TheProbiotic Agent Nateur deodorant is a total must-have. It feels amazing, smells like perfection, and works beautifully.