Agent Woman: Carolina Santo Domingo

Agent Woman: Carolina Santo Domingo

Agent Woman

[ey-juhnt woo m-uh n]


A woman with tenacity, confidence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a distinct point of view when it comes to holistic beauty and wellness. Women that our founder, Jena Covello, admire most. 

Designed in LA and handcrafted in Italy, Carolina Santo Domingo’s namesake handbag line is the ultimate it-girl accessory (Emily Ratajkowski, Oprah Winfrey, and Solange, among others, have all rocked her thoughtful designs). Comprised of woven material and raffia, everything is handmade, making it the ideal mainstay piece in your handbag collection. 

Name: Carolina Santo Domingo

Instagram: @carolina.santo.domingo

Beauty Icon: Cindy Crawford

Favorite city for inspiration: Paris. I love going to the flea market

Inrovert or extrovert: Introvert

Daily uniform: Black jeans and a blouse with minimal sandals or a sweater with Chelsea boots

AM ritual: Qi Gong breathing and exercises, supplements, making fresh almond milk for my coffee when I have time

PM wind down: A magnesium mineral bath and Agent Nateur’s body oil

Secret skill: Floral arrangements and shoe design

Best Advice you’ve ever received:  You can't wait for things to happen to you; if you want something bad enough you have to make it happen. And if you find that sounds too difficult, it probably means you don't want it enough.

A mistake you’ve learned from: Not trusting my gut feelings

To your younger self: Always trust your instincts

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: Medical Medium

Favorite wellness/beauty book: Medical Medium, the Dalai Lama’s Book of Joy

Three things you’re really into right now: Vedic astrology, cooking gluten/dairy free and interior design/decorating

How are you managing anxiety in light of COVID-19: Meditation, Ryan Heffington’s live dance class, Melissa Wood Health and taking walks around my neighborhood. CBD at night as opposed to alcohol or zoom cocktail hour.

Is there a COVID-19 silver lining for you: Taking time to enjoy/embrace a slower paced life, which has transcended to more clarity and focus.