Agent Nateur - Product Pick - OneSun Farm Granola

Agent Nateur - Product Pick - OneSun Farm Granola

 If you’re familiar with my story so far then you will know it’s rooted in the discovery of why ingredients matter.

I truly believe that what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it and my passion and care for ingredients applies not only to skin care and beauty products but also to the food we consume.

When Kelly Meyer, the founder of OneSunFarms granola products sent me a package, I knew I had stumbled across something special because I ate all of the granola and bars over three days!

Today, the OneSun Farm granola snacks are one of my go-to products. Fully organic and locally grown in Malibu with a beautiful back story, I knew I had to share this brand with the Agent Nateur community.

Keep reading to find out more about one of my favorite brands. The Story behind OneSun Farm

Passionate about helping grow the story and desire for real food, Kelly founded the OneSun Farm in 2020 - although actually allowed the soil to fully regenerate before starting to grow in it.

Today, between the almond trees, sunflower seeds, and honey from the bee's on her farm, Kelly is able to witness the growing process for each and every one of the ingredients within her granola. How many brands can say that?

All of Kelly’s products are brought to the world having been created with love and sourced with consciousness and it is a story that we truly resonate with.

We love anyone with a mission and purpose and Kelly is no exception. She is committed to supporting true health and wellness and her passion for the environment and wonder of nature has inspired her to live a life far more connected to the land than before.

Shop OneSun Farm Granola
You can shop the entire Granola collection from OneSun on their website at

My favorite is Original Granola with Chocolate and the chocolate covered bars.

We hope that you enjoy!