Agent Man Shalom Melchizedek

Agent Man Shalom Melchizedek

 [ey-juhnt man]


A man who embodies the spirit of truth, authenticity and ingenuity. He lives his potential, embracing his unique gifts and shining his light to consciously create a better world. As an Agent of beauty and inspiration, he is a man admired by our founder, Jena Covello.

Meet Agent Man, Shalom Melchizedek. Shalom has spent the last 10 years on the path of remembrance with a burning desire to understand his existence . Through his journey, Shalom has been able to successfully navigate from some very dark places into spiritual freedom and come to know what he truly is. Using his inner awareness and tools of meditation, and sacred sexuality, Shalom has been able to reach heights of consciousness that have allowed him to be of assistance and guide others on their path and expansion. Today, Shalom is the author of 4 books on healing and spiritual transformation. He is also the co-founder of “Youniversal Meditation” and “Cosmic Sexuality”. As a master practitioner, Shalom has certified Cosmic Sexuality teachers globally. Having guided thousands of people through healing meditation and self-discovery, this passionate teacher has found a pure connection to the “Source” of creation. Shalom does this important work alongside his partner @victorialeanna_ and their brilliant son @themeditatingbaby

Name: Shalom Melchizedek

Instagram:  @shalommelchizedek

Daily Uniform: Embodying love and appreciation. Waking up every day in appreciation saved and changed my life

AM ritual: Youniversal mediation & Comic breathing practices

PM wind down: Currently OMAD (One meal a day preparation),

Youniversal mediation & Comic sex

Something that puts you in a good mood: Love & Appreciation, Mediation, Breathwork.

Something that’s inspiring you at the moment: My son’s unfolding of himself

Best advice you’ve ever received: Trust yourself completely

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: Spirit guiding me to the understanding of energy and the cultivation and retention  of it.

Favorite wellness/beauty treatment:  Love a great spa / massage etc

Go-to stress remedy: Cosmic breathing / Youniversal Meditation

Supplements you can’t live without: Crystalline Organic Vitamin C

Three things you’re really into right now:

1)Fasting  (Benefits of eating One Meal a Day and Autophagy)

2)Mountain Water

3)The Cosmic Orgasm (New book)

Top three favorite online shops:

1)Etsy (great vintage unique items)

2)Amazon (love reading reviews and finding great products)

3)Opensea (love art and digital art)

Top three favorite Instagram accounts:

1) @victorialeanna_



Go-to for inspiration: Source within

Your ultimate indulgence: The Cosmic Orgasm