Agent Man Joseph Šlaich

Agent Man Joseph Šlaich

Agent Man

[ey-juhnt m' an]


A man with tenacity, confidence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a distinct point of view when it comes to holistic beauty and wellness. Men that our founder, Jena Covello, admire most.

As the junior beauty editor at Vogue Czechoslovakia, it’s safe to say Joseph Šlaich has tried nearly every beauty product on the market. And it’s no wonder he truly knows what products are the best of the best. Meet Agent Man, Joseph Šlaich, one of Jena’s favorite Instagram personalities and ultimate mask connoisseur.

Name: Joseph Šlaich

Instagram: @josephslaich

Daily uniform: Oversized sweatshirts, cut off pants, and Yeezy sneakers. Usually all black.

AM ritual: Cold shower, shakshuka, and matcha tea.

My beauty routine changes all the time because of my job and it also depends on how my skin feels that day. This morning I did the following ritual: gentle cleanse with Glossier Milky Jelly followed by 4 minutes of the ZIIP Instant Gratification program. I misted my face with Agent Nateur holi (water) and then mixed a few drops of Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Acid Serum with holi (c) powder. I finished my routine with a generous application of Augustinus Bader The Cream, two drops of Vintner’s Daughter serum, and Anessa SPF50+. You have to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays all year long; otherwise, there is no reason to invest in an expensive regimen.

My daily make-up look is pretty easy. I use Cle de Peau concealer where needed, a little bit of Nars Laguna Bronzer, Glossier Boy Brow in Black, and their Cloud Paint blush. I mix shades Storm and Dusk. Then I finish with Dior Lip Glow balm on the lips.

I never leave the house without perfume. I get them at Ingredients store in Prague. Right now, I use Byredo Lil Fleur and Le Labo Baie 19. If I want to let enemies know who is the boss, I’ll go for Promise by Frederic Malle or Fetish by Roja Dove.

PM wind down: First, I double cleanse always! I use Japanese cleansing oil, followed by Tatcha Deep Cleanse. I’m a bath person, so I take a hot bath with Agent Nateur holi (bath) or Japanese tea bags mixed with Epsom salt, soda, and clay.

I’m also obsessed with facemasks. Biologique Recherche Mask Vivant and Summer Fridays Jet Lag are two of my all-time favorites. I love retinol by Dermalogica, Shani Darden, and Sunday Riley. In the evening, I wash my hair every other day with Kevin Murphy Young Again line.

Lastly, I drink a cup of holy basil tea before bed and do my Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask.

Feel-good song: Anything by Madonna. I wake up while listening to Vogue. I do a whole dance routine before my beauty routine.

A mistake you’ve learned from: Don’t be politically correct and always speak up even if it means you will be hated. The truth will eventually come out.

To your younger self: Be patient. Never give up. Work harder. Don’t care what people think of you. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

A wellness expert who has significantly helped you: I’m lucky that I meet great experts constantly while working—namely, Julie Elliott, Dr. Will Cole, and Jena Covello.

Favorite wellness/beauty book:It must be Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. Years ago, I went to Berlin during summer holiday and was on my way to buy her book and I randomly met Sali. She ended up buying it for me, signed it, and we took a photo together. I will never forget that moment because I’ve always looked up to her as a phenomenal beauty journalist.

Go-to stress remedy: A walk in the Swiss alps or a Bikram yoga class at a studio near my place in Prague. Also, hiding my phone and laptop and eliminating toxic people help with stress, too.

Supplements you can’t live without: Chlorella, spirulina, liquid zinc, probiotics, and vitamin C and D. Also, I do NAD+ therapy at Bionad Clinic when I’m in London.

Three things you’re really into right now: Matcha cheesecake from Mamecha Berlin, Chimi sunglasses, and Rohto eyedrops.

Top 3 Instagram accounts for inspiration: @vogueczechoslovakia,@alancrocetti, and@voostore.

Your ultimate indulgence: Pepperoni pizza and a glass of biodynamic rosé.

Must-have Agent Nateur product: holi (sex) oil!