6 things you didn’t know about why you need a face oil

6 things you didn’t know about why you need a face oil

Did you know holi (oil)  was the first skincare product I launched? I genuinely love this oil so much. I put so much thought into its formulation that I’m constantly surprised when I test other face oils on the market. They are greasy, the scent is off and they NEVER absorb properly into your skin. This is a nightmare for makeup application, bed sheets, day to day life and more - which makes me even more proud of the oil we have created. 

The benefits of using face oil are major - and often go overlooked.

  1. They strengthen your skin. They’re considered a type of emollient which means that they help to strengthen the outer layer of your skin. Your stratum corneum will be thanking you.
  1. If formulated correctly, face oils will penetrate deep within the dermis and help in a restorative fashion too, by delivering essential nutrients, and antioxidants right down to where your skin can use them the most. This dermis deep delivery can also help to balance skin tone, reduce signs of aging and leave your skin supple, lifted, and luminous, as well as adding to the strengthening process set out above.
  1. They’re lipophilic. What this means is that as well as going deep down into the skin - they can also trap (in the best way) water and other products into the skin, while keeping the bad stuff (toxins) outside of the barrier it creates. What this means in practice is that it seals all of the natural oils into your skin, rather than stripping them (a problem with many acids and cleansers). It also means that you can seal in the beautiful products that you are investing in, so that your face regime can deliver maximum impact and results. Our Agent holi (oil) can clinically help lift the skin and reduce the appearance of smile lines and wrinkles all while reinforcing your skin to make more hyaluronic acid and then further hydrate. Win, win, win.               
  2. If packed with antioxidants the formula can help protect your skin from free radical damage that promotes excessive cellular aging. And the good news? Holi (oil) is formulated with Organic Oryza Sativa: a rice bran oil which contains more than 100 antioxidants. Major win to combat cellular aging.                                                             

  3. They give more of a glow than most other products out there like your standard moisturizer. If you are dehydrated, lacking in sleep or carrying dead skin cells around, oils can help restore the moisture and re-spark the glow. You can also mix an oil with your makeup to give you a silky, luxurious feel and look.I rarely wear makeup these days but when I do, I love creating a flawless base by mixing my face oil with my foundation. People comment on it all the time and how much my skin glows.                 

  4. Face oils don’t clog your pores in the way you think they might. While people think they might be super oily, the right type of face oil in the right formula will actually help to deliver antimicrobial effects which can help reduce acne on the surface of the skin. So, chances are if you have oily skin you’ll probably avoid face oil, but actually, some oils can contain pore clearing ingredients that exfoliate the surface of the skin and help the body to regulate its sebum production. So, a face oil can be good for acne prone or break out prone skin. 
holi (oil) is precious. I genuinely love this oil and when you understand the ingredients I formulated with, you will love it as much as I do. 
  • The Bulgarian Rose Damascena: (wildcrafted) is a hydrating antioxidant that refines skin, treats acne, reduces redness and inflammation. Maximizes the benefits of all ingredients by allowing deeper penetration. My favorite thing about this? It costs 10,000 Euros for a small bottle (yes, really) and I buy it directly from the farmers in Bulgaria because I realized if you go through a third party they are cutting this with water and I refuse to have this formulated into my products.
  • Calcium: this increases skin elasticity, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid from inside the skin cells creating smoother, tighter and firmer skin, as well as preventing sagging and wrinkles.
  • Organic Oryza Sativa: the rice bran oil - contains more than 100 antioxidants, prevents sun damage, high in vitamin E, and reduces age spots and discoloration.
  • Organic Helichrysum: the wonder plant (that never wilts, even when it dies) -this treats rosacea, acne and heals scars. Promotes collagen and smooth, calm skin.
  • Organic Vitamins C and E: brightens the skin, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces redness.

    And maybe what’s most important? Holi (oil) avoids the grape seed that so many other brands use (that cost next to nothing to formulate with). These are high quality products for high quality humans - and I can’t wait for your skin to love them like I do.

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    With love,
    Jena x