body scrub gloves

Body Scrub Gloves are exfoliating gloves that remove dead skin, increase circulation, and create a soft, silky complexion. 

There’s power in simplicity. Body Scrub Gloves are straightforward, using abrasive yet pain-free physical exfoliation to banish dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs, minimize keratosis pilaris, and promote circulation. The result is silky, soft, and sexy skin that radiates all day.

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizing the chances of lackluster skin, keratosis pilaris, and clogged pores.
  • Perfect for shaving and waxing. These gloves minimize razor bumps after shaving and ingrown hairs after waxing.
  • Doesn’t include chemical exfoliants, making it perfect for exfoliating intimate body parts without causing irritation.
  • Promotes lymph movement and circulation to guide toxins out of your body while invigorating the skin with oxygen-rich blood. 
  • Provides a deep lather with your favorite body wash. 


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Use it with:

holi (wash) ageless resurfacing body cleanser

h o l i (wash) Agent Nateur

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