The Agent Nateur holi (grail) Interview: Zizi Donohoe

The Agent Nateur holi (grail) Interview: Zizi Donohoe

1. What’s your skincare and beauty routine?

In the morning if my face is a little puffy, I’ll ice it. I use filtered water to make ice and to wash my face after, using an antibacterial facewash from my dermatologist. I use holi (water) as a toner and The Cream by Joanna Czech for moisturizer. If my skin feels a little dry I’ll lock as much moisture in as possible with an oil or a balm, either holi (oil) or The Balm and finish off with Egyptian Magic for my eyes and the La Mer lip balm.


I’ll pull my hair back in to a bun, recently hair stylist Virginie Pineda gave me the most chic chignon on set. It only took her a few minutes, I try to recreate it every day. Add sunscreen, the Agent Nateur new holi (soleil), a silly earring of course, sunglasses and we’re ready to seize the day.


2. What are your current favorite products?

I love Body (balm), the Byredo Susanne Kaufmann body oil, Buly Scottish Lichen bath salts, holi (mane) and the Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2.


3. How do you prepare to look your best for a big event?

If time permits I’ll pack on as much moisturizer as possible and a good face oil – I love the Agent Nateur holi (oil) and the Feelist Radient Facial Oil, take a nap and wake up with just enough time for hair and make up. I love that post-nap glow, waking up looking a little flushed and glossy.


4. Are there any challenges to your beauty routine - work, home, travel etc? Have you ever made any lifestyle changes to support your wellbeing?

My main challenge is that I don’t drink enough water. Water is so boring. Coffee is fun, red wine is fun, sparkling water is kind of fun but apparently it’s not as hydrating?

I feel like I have almost mastered travelling while sticking to my beauty routine. I have all the mini versions of my everyday products, a stash of 111SKIN eye patches, pimple patches and the travel holi (mane) sachets are a blessing here. Before they existed I used to decant a little in to small ziplock bags for short trips. Not my best idea flying internationally with small bags of unmarked white powder.


5. What’s your go-to healthy snack?

Does a peanut butter cup count as a healthy snack? I’m positive there’s protein in there.


6. When you were younger, who was your beauty icon? Who inspires you now?

Grace Kelly, Madonna in the early 90s, especially in the white Bob Mackie dress at the Academy Awards and on the Blond Ambition Tour. Brigitte Nielsen’s character in Beverly Hills Cop 2, Kim Basinger as Vikki Vale and Jerry Hall as Alicia Hunt in the 1989 Batman. The fabulous women in the society pages of late 80s early 90s Vogues.


7. Any ‘tweakments’ (skincare and non-surgical) procedures you’d recommend or have planned for ‘one day’?



8. What is your go to/ favorite beauty look to create and what inspired this look?

Always a clean skin and a red lip. Blush if the occasion calls for it. I love the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation, it’s a light coverage and gives a natural skin look, a little dewy. For daytime I like a whisper of sun, I’ll use the SimiHaze Beauty Sun Flush in Soft. For evening I love to do a blush on the higher points of my cheekbones, temples and eyes. I’ll use the SimiHaze Beauty Velvet Matte Blur lipstick in Windburn as blush if I’m going for a more demure look or for a pop of pink, the Dior Addict Lip Glow (also used as a blush) in Ultra Pink & Berry.

The Lip is usually Dior in the shade Favorite (matte finish) or SimiHaze Beauty Velvet Matte Blur lip in Lava. Both these shades are red with a blue undertone and perfect for my super pale complexion.


9. Biggest beauty mistake?

Letting a haircare brand bleach my hair two days in a row and dye it silver for a campaign. A one inch wide section of my hair snapped off at the root down my center parting. It took years to grow back.


10. And finally… what can you NOT do without? What’s the holy grail of the products you use?

Holi (mane), the $15 facewash from my dermatologist, The Balm by Joanna Czech & Agent Nateur’s body (balm).