The Agent Nateur holi (grail) Interview: Nadia Lee Cohen, Artist, Photographer and Filmmaker.

The Agent Nateur holi (grail) Interview: Nadia Lee Cohen, Artist, Photographer and Filmmaker.

 Nadia Lee Cohen is a British artist, photographer, filmmaker, and model. She works inside popular culture, citing inspiration from cinema, commercials, and consumerism, which then re-enters the mass media in the form of magazine covers, music videos and Instagram posts. She is most known for her book Women and working with Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Pamela Anderson, Lana Del Rey, YSL, Schiaparelli and Balenciaga.

1. What’s your skincare and beauty routine?

It used to be rigorous but I’ve now stripped it down to virtually nothing as my skin seems happier when I do less. So basically it’s just five steps:

  1. Wash face.
  2. ‘Screen Star’ Serum - Jasmina Vico.
  3. Cold face rollery things.
  4. Sunscreen - holi (soleil) - Agent Nateur.
  5. Brow serum - Agent Nateur.

2. What are your current favorite products? 

A313, it’s a French old lady secret; but it’s also pretty harsh so I can only use it once a week. Filorga Meso-Mask has some sort of witchcraft that makes you look as though you’ve slept for 24 hours. I use holi (mane) in coffee and holi (radiance) in any liquid where I can’t taste it. I have this crazy sense of taste where I can tell when the water in a kettle has been re-boiled.

3. How do you prepare to look your best for a big event?

Total solitude! I get anxious before anything important, even when it’s not about me. So I feel like I look my best when I'm calm and have been on my own before.

4. Are there any challenges to your beauty routine - work, home, travel etc? Have you ever made any lifestyle changes to support your wellbeing?

I feel like I'm constantly on a plane. I’m currently typing this from Japan. I’ve had to learn to adapt and let go a little bit, rather than trying to do my skincare in the solitary confinement of an airplane toilet.

5. What’s your go-to healthy snack?

It varies day to day, I never want to deprive myself of anything; so I usually eat whatever I fancy - otherwise life would be way too boring. I love trying new things.  I’ll become obsessed with something for about a week and eat it to the point where I start to hate it. Then I'll move onto my next obsession. It’s pretty slim pickings in Japan though; last night's menu was ‘throat’, ‘rectum’, ‘stomach’, or ‘tongue’ - so I opted for the 7/11 egg sandwich.

6. When you were younger, who was your beauty icon? Who inspires you now?

I was fascinated by anyone ‘fake’ looking in the early 2000’s. I loved looking at women like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Katie Price (aka Jordan). I still love looking at women like that but now they inspire me in a different way. 

7. Any ‘tweakments’ (skincare and non-surgical) procedures you’d recommend or have planned for ‘one day’?

How long do you have?!

8. What is your go to/favorite beauty look to create and what inspired this look?

There’s really only one way I like my make up and it came about as an accident. I was putting on my eyeliner (badly) in my late teens and drew it on straight instead of at an upward angle. This was a revelation and suited the shape of my face so much better - I call it my ‘sleepy eye’.

9. Biggest beauty mistake?

A spray tan with two of my friends. We all stood wearing paper knickers and shower caps in a cold, tiled room. The beautician said; “You want medium, dark or extra dark?”. We chose option 3 to make sure our tans lasted as long as possible. She took out her spray-gun and splattered us like prisoners until we were fully coated. 24 hours later we’d turned the darkest shade of mahogany and couldn’t leave the house. 

10. And finally… what can you NOT do without? What’s the holy grail of the products you use?

Cocoa Butter mixed with Cocoa Butter Oil. I’ve used it since I was a teenager and the smell makes me feel cozy and nostalgic.