Jena’s June Edit

Jena’s June Edit

We’re almost halfway through the year and I’m still moving forward - grateful for what I have, but taking more steps towards my dreams. After my wellbeing retreat last month I’ve been continuing my journey of cleansing and purifying, removing toxins and blockers, and restoring brightness and balance in so many ways. On that theme, here are some of my favorite things this month:


T H E   G U A   S H A

We love Gua Sha so much that we recently launched our own Agent Nateur stainless steel gua sha facial sculpting and lifting tool! Used in traditional Chinese medicine, this method helps with lymphatic drainage, puffiness and circulation while contouring the face and relieving muscle tension, and it removes dead skin cells along the way. Our tool is made of 100% stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean and disinfect (unlike more porous materials such as jade or stone). Combine it with our holi (oil) refining ageless face serum, which contains rice bran, rosehip oil and sandalwood oil, for perfect results.

T H E   P U R E S T   C O T T O N:

If you want a cotton pad that’s free of sneaky impurities then these extra thick and  luxuriously soft Koh Gen Do pure cotton pads are for you. They use 100% pure cotton which has been grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and the production process involves no chemical treatments, bleaching or dye. Use them with our holi (water) pearl and rose hyaluronic essence or our holi (cleanse) cleansing face oil and makeup remover as part of your morning and evening ritual, to give your skin a gentle and refreshing boost. 

T H E   S H A M P O O:

For healthy, hydrated, shiny hair, and a refreshed, flake-free scalp, Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo is your savior. Its gentle formula contains moisture-boosting and scalp-soothing ingredients, including salicylic acid to alleviate irritation, watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower to prevent loss of natural keratin and protect your hair from damage and dryness, biotin (B7 which promotes hair health and growth), caffeine, and orange and lemon fruit extracts. The result is that your hair feels super clean in between washes and your hair and scalp stay nicely moisturized.

H E A L T H   &   W E L L B E I N G

S U N   D A Y S: I’m a huge believer in sun therapy. We all need exposure to sunlight for our bodies to make the vitamin D we need. Sunlight also encourages our brains to release more serotonin - the mood booster which helps us feel calm and aids our sleep cycles. If our bodies don’t make enough vitamin D, there’s a risk we won’t effectively absorb calcium from the foods we eat, which increases the risk of muscle pain or weakness and bone pain or fractures. So while it’s important to protect our faces with an SPF like our holi (soleil) firming & plumping mineral spf 50 sunscreen, I often leave my arms and legs to get a few additional rays. We researched and blogged about this last year in our Healthy Sun post.

F U N   D A Y S: My whole life changed the day I brought Federico home. I knew he'd be fun (and hard work at first!) but I had no idea how just calming, healing and rewarding he would be. Studies have shown that our brains produce oxytocin - a hormone sometimes called the ‘cuddle chemical’ - which reduces stress levels, when we interact with our furry friends. Having a pet to stroke and snuggle, particularly a dog or cat, creates a new emotional connection, bringing comfort, especially when we’re having a bad day, dealing with an illness or a crisis. This is why dogs visiting nursing homes bring such joy, and why petting zoos are organized by colleges during exam periods! Dog walks are also a great way for us to socialize, get our steps in and spend more time outdoors.  

C A L M E R   N I G H T S: One of my goals for this year was to create my own supplement and now I can share this with you! Our Agent Nateur calm (beauty) spermidine & taurine daily supplement is launching this month and I’m so excited. It’s a secret elixir for longevity and natural calm that bottles the benefits of beauty rest, working at a cellular level to reverse skin damage and thinning hair, restore sleep and reset a natural state of calm. 

I formulated this non-drowsy, melatonin-free liquid formula filled with potent concentrations of the highest quality, including organic tart cherry juice, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Taurine promotes calmness and relaxation while supporting the heart, brain and immune system. Spermidine promotes autophagy to enhance restoration, rejuvenation and repair, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and strengthening hair growth. Glycine promotes restful sleep and encourages the production of serotonin. 

We took the first batch off our production line and on the road to some of our events earlier this year and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that we had to start the waiting list straight away!

T H E   M O O D   B O O S T E R: Ever needed to feel more positive? The Kinder Thoughts Saffron Supplement from The Fullest Co has been created to help anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, poor sleep, brain fog, ADHD, inflammation or headaches. This anti-inflammatory mood booster is formulated from a saffron extract plus a therapeutic measure of curcumin, and is clinically backed.


T H E    S H I R T:  White works so well with all complexions to really enhance your summer glow.  For a clean, crisp look that really flatters, this oversized white poplin shirt from Balenciaga is a classic for any summer wardrobe.  Wear it as a bikini cover up for the beach/poolside, or with little shorts or a mini skirt for a summery day-to-night look.

T H E   S H O E:  Pair the oversized shirt with these adorable Bottega Veneta raffia sandals in pink. They feature the signature square toe and you get all the poise you need from the 3.5 inch heel plus the comfort and support of the cushioned sole.

T H E   B A G: The Hermes Mini Kelly II 20 cm in bubblegum pink alligator

is another summertime classic - it’s on my wishlist. It’s big enough a pair of little sunglasses, keys and a bottle of holi (sun) so you have no excuses for not reapplying throughout the day - check out our newest shade in beige!

H O M E   &   I N T E R I O R S

T H E   T R A Y: Crafted in polished stainless steel, this Georg Jensen panton small tray is a stunning addition for the home. It’s decorative but functional and I love how much energy it gives.

T H E   S A L T   &   P E P P E R   S H A K E R S: I always feel that it’s the little details that make my dinner table look complete.  This exquisite Georg Jensen Bernadotte Modern Silver Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shaker set is perfect for any table setting. It’s also a really nice touch to add to your picnic basket alongside a linen cloth, for that special feast out in the sunshine.

T H E   W A T E R   F I L T E R: It seems like we’re finding out more and more each day about the harmful elements that are not removed from water before it reaches us in our homes. The Filterbaby removes over 99% of chlorine, microplastics, copper, rust and bacteria. Over 200,000 users love it, with 91% saying it’s the best their skin has felt, ever. If you haven’t seen the reviews on TikTok showing how much gunk these things trap, you really need to! Essentially, you end up with better quality water, but you benefit from softer, cleaner and glowier skin too - no wonder it’s been approved by dermatologists. It comes in a range of colors (we love the baby pink!) and they send you a fresh filter every 90 days. Plus, there’s no obligation - so you can skip or cancel any time.

Whether you’re making choices about what you put on your skin and hair, inside your body, or you’re shopping for you and your home, do your research so you can make informed decisions. Remember - those longer term investments and the products and treatments you select can be for a better you and a better world.

Love, Jena x