9 Instagram Accounts That Can Change Your Life

9 Instagram Accounts That Can Change Your Life

Written by Kerry Pieri

The National Institute of Health points to research that suggests social media contributes to psychological issues including depressive symptoms, anxiety, and low self-esteem. But there’s a sense within these studies that social media is something that happens to people, an entity in which they exert no control over. The truth is, we decide who we follow, who we engage with, and whose energy we allow into our precious fields. When we think of diet, we jump immediately to the foods and beverages we consume, but diet is everything we let into our mental, spiritual, and physical spaces, including what we watch, read, and scroll. This is all a long way of saying, take control of your feed. Cut out the people, institutions, news organizations, and brands that make you feel badly or anxious or less than the perfect human that you are. Below are 9 accounts that meld the ideal mix of good vibes and helpful information, from the somewhat fun and frivolous to the healing and soul-honoring. 


Vivian Tu’s Instagram account has over 2 million followers, so she’s hardly niche, but from her specific credit card recommendations to how-tos on investing, and tips for getting student loans forgiven, this former Wall Street trader makes talking about finance fun and interesting. It’s wild how little women in particular are taught about money, markets, and making wise financial decisions and becoming adept in these areas makes all the difference. 

Words Are Vibrations by James McCrae

A meme account that can change your life? Maybe? Sometimes melding humor and truth can help you integrate the truth parts even more successfully. McCrae’s words are beautiful and impactful, even in, and maybe especially in, meme form. 

Stalk Alice, Astrologer Alice Bell 

Instagram is full of great astrologers, it’s hard to choose just one, but Alice’s approach to highlighting and explaining astrological events and how they can affect you based on your rising and sun signs can become a guidepost to approaching your days. Of course, you don’t need to live your existence according to astrology, but knowledge is power, especially when you’re dealing with the whole galaxy. 

Create the Love

Mark Groves delves into relationships in a way that has felt revolutionary. Following him can allow you to reflect on how you relate to your partner or how you want to relate to a future partner. So much of what we ingest now is about personal healing and while that’s wonderful, it can often leave us unsure of how to approach how we connect with the most important people in our lives. Relationships can be hard, and Groves’ sage advice can make them feel easier. 

Heal With O.U.T. by Steve Macari

This mainly-reels centric account integrates Qigong practices with mudras, and other hands-on healing techniques. It can serve as a daily guide for staying in balance energetically. In the case that you do get energetically hijacked, a series of energy protection modalities is especially helpful. Try doing them after a long day surrounded by other people’s vibrations and see how much lighter you can feel.  

Sam Zagar 

Human Design works within the realms of astrology, Jewish mysticism, the I Ching, and Vedic philosophy, and is centered on four energy types: The Reflector, Projector, Generator, and Manifestor. While there are many experts in the realm of human design, Sam Zagar’s approach feels super authentic, knowledgeable and revelatory. Any modality that is centered on self-knowledge and delving into how to exist better in the world sounds good to us.

Katie Jane Hughes

Hughes is arguably one of the best makeup artists in the business, and while others may also be very good at what they do, no one shares insider secrets and how-tos as prolifically as the British makeup guru. A quick perusal of her videos will provide you with almost any step-by-step guide you may want to try. Her warmth, patience and humor are also readily apparent, so even if you’re not into changing up your beauty look, the videos are still a good watch. 

Noy Skincare, Danna Omari

Omari helps you take your facial health into your own hands, quite literally. Omari is an expert in gua sha and other facial reflexology. Her reels feature endless guides that cover everything from mitigating frown lines to relieving menstrual pain, all based on activating different points in the face. With consistency, her approach is super effective. 

Dr. Will Cole

Functional medicine doctor Will Cole breaks down how to approach health in an empowering and incredibly informative way on his social media. From foods to avoid, to how to recognize different imbalances in your body, Cole concisely and generously gives a cascade of helpful health insights. Whether you’re a seasoned natural health warrior or just dipping a toe in, his insights are revelatory.