Our Agent Masterclass Event With Citrine Natural Beauty

Our Agent Masterclass Event With Citrine Natural Beauty

This past week we hosted a beautiful masterclass at Citrine Natural Beauty in Arizona. We had the most magical evening where we hosted 30 people to experience an evening full of nourished skin, conscious connection, delicious fall-inspired appetizers, and an amazing master class with the Agent collection.

The night started with a guided masterclass where we took our guests through our signature ageless Agent facial. All of our formulas work synergistically to provide efficacious, clinically backed, ageless beauty. What’s most important to me is the education surrounding effective ingredients.

We started with our cleanser duo - holi (cleanse) and acid (wash).  Once cleansed we applied holi (bright)- my 'botox in a jar' glass resurfacing mask for a duration of 15 minutes. After removal we moved into my holi (water) and holi (c) combo, a staple part the Agent Facial. People ask me a lot about which pairings go well together, and these are two of the products that work together perfectly, and because the holi (c) is in dry powder format, the holi (water) allows for the perfect application when mixed together. Spray  3-5 pumps of holi (water) in the palm of your hands then use a dash of the holi (c). Following this is the application of our newest holi (créme) filter face moisturizer!  After applying the holi (créme) filter face crème, you add a couple of drops of our best-selling ageless face serum, holi (oil) followed by holi (glow)ageless eye serum. The last steps were applying our lash and brow growth serum and a holi (locks) scalp to ends hair growth massage.

After our guided facials our guests also got to try out some of our other Agent line including holi (body), holi (locks) and hair (silk). holi (body) is the sexiest product I have ever created! It gives skin the elusive ‘that girl’ glow and acts like natural retinol for your body. Its highly concentrated formula makes it the perfect toning oil. It tightens, hydrates, and reduces the appearance of scars, dark spots, and sun damage replenishes the look of collagen, and restores and brightens skin tone.  The feedback we have been getting on our two new hair products has been so insane. Hair(silk) and Holi(locks) started when I learned that the hair oils on the market can dry out your hair if they contain silicones (which so many do). I knew I had to create a natural but equally powerful alternative. hair (silk)  is a serum for styling, smoothing, softening, and repairing hair. holi (locks) is a strengthening treatment oil that promotes hair growth. This is a product made for scalp to ends - actively fighting hair loss. The product is also great for conditioning, detangling, reducing hair breakage, dry hair and a dry, itchy scalp.

We also spoke about Agent’s two new body products body (blam) and holi (wash), which I couldn’t be more excited about. We just pre-launched these, and they will be available in November. Holi (wash) is our ageless resurfacing foaming oil body cleanser. I’ve included face-grade actives into holi (wash), because I don’t believe that the skin on our face is the only skin that deserves the best quality, anti-aging, skin-health preserving ingredients or treatment. body (balm) is Agent’s newest lifting and firming treatment creme that works to deeply hydrate, nourish, moisturize and deliver smooth and glistening skin, day through night. I've also formulated with powerful, trademarked and patented face-grade anti-aging active ingredients like IBR-TCLC®, PhytoSpherix™ and IBR-Chill™to really do the powerful work that your body needs! (there’s nothing like this on the market, I promise you!)

Our guests were served fall-inspired bites by Nutrition Intuition . The menu consisted of maple chipotle pumpkin hummus cup with crudite , phyllo Bites with fig and goat Cheese, antipasto Charcuterie Sticks, pumpkin cheesecake collagen parfait and collagen caramel with apple cups. Everything was so delicious! 

A real highlight of the night was hearing so many inspiring stories on how the Agent line has helped you all, everything from wound repair and scarring to healing of the skin barrier after a dreaded peel gone wrong. These types of stories I hear all the time, the ingredients in the Agent line speak for themselves 

It was truly such a magical night. I want to thank Citrine Natural Beauty for always supporting Agent and I also want to thank our Agent army for all the support you all have given me through these years. I love doing these types of events and connecting with you all.

Lastly Thank you to our florist The Wildflower Az for making the event so beautiful.