My Morning Routine- Part 1

My Morning Routine- Part 1

I’m going to give you a rundown of my morning skincare routine as this is something that I get asked about so much in my DMs. 

If you’re interested in my more general morning routine and what I practice each morning to feel good for each day - you can head here to read more - but in this blog, I’m going to be focusing on what I use on my face, in what order and why. 

Remember - every skincare routine should be bespoke for your type of skin, so ensure you are doing what will work best for you.

First up, connecting with myself with holi (body)

I start every day with holi (body) - my ageless body serum. If I run out of it I actually freak out. I apply 20 drops in the bath and also saturate it all over my body in the bath or at the end of my shower to wet skin so that my skin looks sun-kissed, no matter where I am or what I’m doing that day. It gives me the most sexy, hydrated, velvety smooth skin.

I really hate being without it. I also sometimes try to turn this into a ritual and assuming I have time, I will apply it in the mirror whilst connecting with my body and thanking it for all it does for me. This simple act of self-love is revolutionary.

Next up, onto the face - and it’s time to cleanse

Once that’s done, it’s time to focus on my face. Something that is important to me and that I share often is that I really don’t believe in over-cleansing your face as I think that this can be quite damaging.

The oils that your body naturally produces are really important and needed to keep the skin barrier healthy, balanced, and well functioning. So, for me, whether I cleanse or not is a daily decision on assessing how my face is doing each day.

If I wake up and my face or skin feels really dry or in need of some moisture, I will start the day with Agent’s holi (cleanse). It’s a gentle formula that is super nutrient-dense and made up of luxury oils and plant extracts that emulsify dirt, oil, and make-up while protecting your skin. Skip the cleansing though, if your face looks or feels hydrated in the morning.

If I feel like I can see extra fine lines appearing - maybe I’m traveling or the climate has changed - then I might reach for the acid wash too. This is our lactic acid skin brightening cleanser that reveals a radiant glow by naturally exfoliating. It sounds harsh - but lactic acid hydrates your skin and helps it retain moisture.

If you’re acne-prone or suffering from breakouts, I would advise skipping the holi (cleanse) and instead focusing on using this acid(wash) instead - this is likely to be a better fit for you.

Then, glass resurfacing

Once I have cleansed (if it’s right for me on the day), I then apply holi (bright).

You might have heard about this best seller that people are buying multiple jars of at once!

holi (bright) is the new resurfacing glass face mask that has revolutionized my skincare regime. I honestly hardly use retinol or P50 anymore since formulating this mask which is absolutely crazy because this honestly has been such a staple part of my skincare and anti-aging routine over the 15 years.

holi (bright) resurfaces your face in a deeply hydrating, calming, and soothing manner and just gives you this glow that I just don’t think you can get elsewhere. That’s because of the unique combination of aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber, and vitamin c.

I paint the mask onto my face with the brush (this is really important) to my neck, chest, and wrists too - and leave this on for 15 minutes (unless my skin is really in need of some extra attention, where I leave it on overnight and let it really sink in).

Rinse & reach for the Holi Trinity

Once this is rinsed off, I then apply the holi (trinity) combination every morning without fail (this is also available in travel size because I didn’t want your (or my) skincare routine being interrupted when you have to go abroad and struggle with luggage space).

This holi (trinity) combination is a restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois for ambient, supple skin. The holi (water) is rich in pearl powder and pitaya to gently exfoliate and smooth fine lines while the holi (c) reduces the appearance of acne scars and boosts skin’s elasticity. And the holi (oil)? It heals dryness, softens skin’s texture, and illuminates the complexion.

I start by spraying 3-5 pumps of holi(water) in the palm of my hand with a dash of holi (c). This holi (c) is different from other vitamin Cs on the market because it is a dry vitamin C - and this is something that sometimes confuses people.

When you buy a vitamin C serum, the formulation contains maybe 1 - 5 % vitamin C and often it’s less than the 1% mark to cut the manufacturing costs of the product.

holi (c) is different because there are only two ingredients - sodium ascorbyl phosphate and a very expensive French patented calcium. More to come next month on why I formulated holi (c) the way that I did, but all you need to know right now is that combining these with holi(water) is the most effective way to get the benefits from these products and to see results. Our vitamin c is known for soothing and calming breakouts. It also has a natural spf of 8 and should be used in the daytime. The calcium helps to lift and sculpt sagging skin while our c derivative helps calm redness while reversing fine lines.

Extra glow - holi (oil) & holi (glow)

Every day I apply our best-selling holi (oil) [our refining ageless face serum] directly to my face and decolletage - and sometimes will even mix with this my foundation for an extra glow.

In the summer I will follow with SPF.

After my face is cleansed, prepped, primed, and moisturized for the day ahead, I then apply my makeup - and reach for the holi(glow) which I formulated because of the California wildfires that were drying out my skin and causing crow's feet to form. I thought I was aging but I realized it was weather induced because every time I left LA the lines would go away. Not only is holi (glow) a wrinkle banisher- it also contains special European ingredients that break down heme which is responsible for causing dark circles.

This is a multifunctional eye serum with the most divine cucumber smell - but I use holi(glow) not only on and around my eyes but also as a highlighter under my eyes and in the corners to give a dewy sun-kissed glow.

I also use it on my lips - it truly is versatile.

At this point, I’m nearly ready to go, but finally, I can’t stress this enough, that a key part of my morning routine is something that is not topical.

holi (mane)

I talk so much about what holi (mane) [our powerhouse superfood supplement, filled with the highest quality marine collagen and pearl powder] does for my hair, skin, nails and general hydration and so incorporating this into my morning is a critical part of my routine. Collagen has so many clinical studies proving that hydrates and reverses wrinkles from inside the body. It is truly an anti aging powerhouse that works from within to give you gorgeous, ageless skin!

Taking the product consistently since I formulated it has overhauled the way that my hair, skin, and nails look. It is all backed by science and clinical studies and truly, I never go a day without it - so this is my final stop of the morning before it’s on with my day!

I hope you found this helpful!

Love Jena x