Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny gives us the scoop on the "flat-tummy powder" inulin

Inulin Q & A with Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny

We’ve noticed a lot of people combining Simply Inulin with their holi (mane), so we spoke with its founder, Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny, to learn more about its incredible benefits. Also known as “flat tummy powder”, Ingrid’s inulin is the crème de la crème of inulin powders (not all inulin is created equal). Read more to find out how you can decrease bloating, improve gut and skin health, and achieve a flatter stomach by adding this simple step to your routine.

What is Simply Inulin?

Simply Inulin is a potent prebiotic fiber that feeds and repopulates the good gut bacteria. Inulin is a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides produced by many types of plants like beets, onions, and garlic. However, the most potent kind is extracted from roots or rhizomes. Simply Inulin is the only one on the market that is extracted from European organic Jerusalem artichoke root. Simply Inulin belongs to a class of dietary fibers known as fructans. 

What inspired you to create an inulin powder?

Working with my fitness clients I started noticing that women weren’t physiologically responding as fully as they should to THE METHOD workout ... bloat, water retention and stubborn visceral fat around the midsection area, were preventing my clients from reaping the full benefits of this powerful workout. I realized there was lack of hormonal response due to gut health issues. Most clients not seeing optimal results from the workout were all suffering from food intolerances, allergies, persisting bloat & insulin resistance. I realized I needed to supplement my powerful workout protocol with gut health support.

As soon as I introduced Simply Inulin, the first results showed in tummies getting flatter, and finally showing 6 packs muscle definition that was hiding under that bloat from inflammation. Clients were finally seeing the visceral fat coming off and the water retention being flushed away. 

As much as I knew I created a powerful workout (the method®️ is a patent protected fitness protocol), I came to the realization that without treating the body at its root, I wouldn’t see the physiological and hormonal response I expected to see on my female clients. 

What are the benefits of supplementing with inulin?

Simply Inulin is essential to supplement our dietary needs of fiber, and prebiotic actives to balance the gut. It relieves gut related bloat, aids with regularity, satiates for hours, curbs unhealthy cravings for carb rich foods & improves hair and nail growth. It’s also very helpful to clear skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and gut inflammation related acne.  

It does aid in alleviating hormonal inflammation since that’s often rooted in gut issues as well. Weight loss is a very popular byproduct of taking Simply Inulin.  Inulin also adds bulk to your stool and increases the frequency of your bowel movements. You may have more bowel movements, but inulin slows overall digestion. This enables your body to better absorb nutrients from the food you eat. Research suggests inulin can also enable the body to better absorb calcium.

What do people notice once they start taking your inulin?

There is an adjustment period. When you first take Simply Inulin it’s not a magic pill. You will probably experience some discomfort (never pain) including bloat and flatulence. There is a joke going around Jerusalem artichoke root (sunchokes), calling them “fartchokes” for a reason. But this discomfort is a good sign that your gut is going thru some necessary alterations to balance your microbiome. I always tell clients if you feel discomfort, it means it’s doing its work, and flushing out inflammation, toxins, and fat. 

How long does it take for the bloating to go away?

You need to be consistent and patient, and you need to start gradually to minimize your level of discomfort (it’s not pain, it’s inconvenient discomfort such as passing gas and feeling bloated).

It can take from 1 - 6 weeks to adjust and for the bloat to disappear and make way to the full benefits including the “flat tummy” magic. 

Keep in mind, the more inflammation or gut imbalance you are treating with Simply Inulin, the longer the adjustment period (or the more you will feel the discomfort). It’s worth it trust me. 

 Not everyone goes thru the adjustment period, but it’s worth mentioning as it’s common. My suggestion is to focus on a nutrient-dense diet, rich in fatty acids and avoid refined sugars, processed food and smoothies and shakes. Eat real food during this time. Pairing with probiotic food (not pills) such as kefir yogurts or kimchi, sauerkraut etc. Is incredibly helpful in seeing faster results with prebiotic Simply Inulin. 

You refer to your inulin as “flat tummy powder”. How can inulin help achieve a flat stomach?

When your good gut bacteria feeds on inulin (it’s favorite food), it stimulates some of these bacteria to grow, which aids digestion. That’s where bloat ceases to exist. It also helps to decrease belly fat and prevent belly fat gain. A study linked a 10g increase daily soluble fiber intake to a 3.7% lower risk of gaining belly fat. 

Are there any skin benefits that come with taking inulin?

Absolutely! Your skin is your gut inside out. When you balance your gut, your skin glows. Medical studies suggest that prebiotic Simply Inulin may decrease risk of developing allergic skin diseases like eczema and improves the skins barrier function. 

Where is your inulin derived from?

Simply Inulin is derived from European organic grown Jerusalem artichoke root. Also referred to as topinambour.

What makes your inulin powder different from others on the market?

Not all inulin is created equal. While Inulin can be found anywhere from amazon to health food shops, the big difference is in sourcing and manufacturing process. In other words, the purity is what determines its potency. 

Simply Inulin, unlike most inulin on the market, is pure Jerusalem artichoke root, which is the most powerful type of prebiotic fiber FOS (most are made of acacia or chicory root). Simply Inulin’s manufacturing process is the purest on the market due to its innovative (single) milling process, NO BLEACHING process for HIGHER POTENCY & ABSORPTION.  It is manufactured at a GMP a facility in the UK from EU organic crops. It complies with both UK and EU strict health and agricultural regulations, giving it a dual blanket of health safety. 

Inulin manufactured in the US is not under FDA supervision and is held to much lower standards of purity and disclosure on the actual ingredients. So, while Simply Inulin is guaranteed to be 96.9% pure Inulin and 4% water, most inulin manufactured in the US is often derived from China grown chicory root and may contain as much as 45% gums and thickeners that are not necessarily required to be disclosed on the ingredient label. 

Should someone take inulin continuously?

Yes, but if you run out it’s not the end of the world, just pack up your diet with loads of fiber rich foods. 

My point is to always rely on real food in its natural form for fiber first. Simply Inulin is great to supplement your diet and reach your ideal fiber intake of at least 38g of fiber per day. 

The reason why it’s best to take it daily is because that it’s hard to reach daily recommendation by just consuming veggies and fruits and the occasional legume. Our fruits and vegetables today don’t have the fiber potency they used to have 20 years ago. Thus, to get to 38g per day, it’s not that easy even if you eat your string beans and artichokes at every meal. Also, the prebiotic effect is so potent in Simply Inulin, it guarantees repopulation of your good gut bacteria and keeps “things moving”. 

What are your favorite ways to supplement with inulin?

My absolute must is my Simply Inulin café on an empty stomach in the morning. I also love to sprinkle some on fresh fruit rich in digestive enzymes like papaya or pineapple.

An absolute HEALTH WINNER COMBO is to have it in a probiotic yogurt like labne, or kefir yogurt, or coconut probiotic yogurt if you are vegan. This is SYNBIOTIC therapy. When pairing prebiotic and probiotic you are pretty much taking control of your overall health, including gut, hormonal balance, beauty (skin, hair, weight loss), and believe it or not your mental health too. The gut to brain axis, aka the communication between the central and the enteric nervous system, link emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. Recent advances in research have described the importance of gut microbiota in influencing these interactions. They affect your mood, your focus, and your mental health.