Bind, Bind, Baby- how to remove toxins from the body

 No matter whether you have just dipped a toe in the holistic health world, or whether you are all in, you will likely know that one of the key elements of overall health (as well as future health) is the ability of your body to effectively and efficiently detox the myriad of toxins that we come into contact with every single day. Better detox ability = fewer toxins circulating the body = a reduced likelihood of a build-up of toxic waste products, substances, and, ultimately, physiological dysfunction.

In today’s society, toxins are everywhere - heavy metals in the food, water, and beauty products we consume and apply, mold toxins from the houses and environments we live in, flame retardants from the sofas and beds we sleep on, pesticides from the food we eat (go organic!), electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from all of the technology that we never put down, radiation from the aircrafts we miss flying in -  not to mention the pharmaceutical drugs we take and even the byproducts of emotional trauma that we have not processed.

When we said everywhere, we meant everywhere!

Reducing toxin levels are critical, particularly when you understand that toxins are very often at the root cause of many complex health and long-term health challenges.

So, how do you get rid of them?

While incorporating a non-toxic lifestyle is always advised, sometimes you need a bit of help.

Introducing binders. These bad boys actively bind to toxins and pull them out of your body.

Yes, really.

What is a binder? Are these new things?

Binders are definitely not new.

For a long time, healers have been using compounds to bind toxins and help drag these toxins out of the body, and today, they are a critical piece of the functional medicine jigsaw more than ever before.

In fact, a brand called Cellcore has four different types of binders that are proving to be invaluable on people’s health journeys. More on them later. 

What types of binder would I have come across?

There are so many binders available - the ones you are most likely to have heard about or bought yourself, are charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolites, and even diatomaceous earth. You might even have heard of them in a prescription context too - think Questran and Welchol.

But, the problem? With the damaging nature of the pharma binders put to one side, even the more natural binders can be considered to be limited.

What do you mean by limited?

Let’s just say, some of these old-school binders may not be the best on the market.

The reason for that? Because sometimes:

  • They are limited in the types of toxins they can grab onto and pull out of the body;
  • They miss some of the toxins they should be binding to - particularly the ones that hide deep in your body (think heavy metals lurking in tissues and bones);
  • They can’t work on certain parts of the body - like the digestive tract;
  • They may deplete you of important nutrients and/or leave behind damaging by-products after binding; and
  • Taking it one step further - they don’t provide any materials or compounds to repair any damage that has been caused by the toxins.

So, what should we be taking instead?

Move over old school binders, the carbon-based binder is here to stay.

The carbon-based binder is a new and emerging type of binding compound that has a myriad of benefits - as well as fewer drawbacks than with the traditional and more old-school binders.

This new category of binder is built from nutrient-rich soil. What this means is that soil-based microbes work to break down old plant material and by doing this, they actively turn the plant material into a supply of heavily nutrient-rich, organic matter.

This organic matter provides the power of the binder. It is highly charged and can escort toxic inorganic compounds, heavy metals, and other toxins out of your body.

What are the benefits of carbon-based binders vs. old-school ones?

When putting them directly up against each other, the carbon-binder will win every time - which is why we think that Cellcore is onto something special.

A carbon-based binder gives:

  • Stronger binding capabilities - the unique chemical structure of the carbon molecules in the binder means the optimal strength of binding to any unwanted compounds in the body. It also means removing them, without the toxin being able to detach or move elsewhere in the body; These carbon-based binders are also more reactive than traditional binding substances (because they have a lower pH). What this means is that they are more effective at drawing more of the wastes out of the cells of your body.

  • A wider reach - the carbon binders go into the bloodstream and move around the body (whereas some old-school binders only work in the gut). That means that a carbon binder reaches for toxins active all over the body and means it is more effective at detoxing the body as a whole.

  • Smart and selective binding - these binders are smart! Unlike the old school binders that sometimes get a bit bind-happy and grab onto anything in their path, these carbon binders are selective with what they bind with. What this means is that if they come into contact with something like a nutrient or mineral that your body actually *needs* (like copper or zinc for example), it sees it as valuable and doesn’t bind onto it, leaving it to do the good job it intended. This means that the carbon-based binders don’t take things away from your body that are there to help you.

  • Giving back (by adding nutrients and antioxidants to your body) - not only are they smart, but they are also helpful. Carbon-based binders contain a whole variety of things including minerals, vitamins, hydrogen, carbon, and amino acids and they work actively to enter into your cells and tissues to help to undo the damage (and essentially repair damage) that the toxins left behind. Their antioxidant capabilities also mean that they can neutralize harmful free radicals that we come into contact with every day.

  • Cleaning up your terrain (by preventing unwanted overgrowth of unhelpful outsiders) - the binders and their antioxidant benefits can also actually stop or slow the growth of unwanted bacteria, fungi, and even pathogens from growing in your body - helping to deliver you a cleaner, more healthy, less toxic terrain for you to live with.

  • More reactive - These carbon-based binders are also more reactive than traditional binding substances (because they have a lower pH). What this means is that they are more effective at drawing more of the wastes out of the cells of your body.

  • An all-natural solution (which is the Agent ethos through and through) - some binders are made in a lab and created synthetically (which means that they need other molecules to turn them ‘on’). Carbon-based binders, however, are all-natural meaning no other foreign substances need to be incorporated into the binder to make it work.

Let’s talk science - are there studies?

Yes, there are a number of studies into carbon-based binders, particularly in the context of how they can very effectively treat heavy metal poisoning, as well as how they can significantly influence the development of good bacteria in the microbiome.

In this study, linked here, where participants took 1200mg of carbon-driven nutrients for a period of 45 days, it was shown that the participants had increased colon bacterial concentrations by 30%. So, on top of their efficacy at removing toxins from the body, this study suggests that a carbon-based binder may also come through with other benefits and, in this case, might be helpful to offset digestive disorders like IBS which are related to low bacterial concentrations in the microbiome.

Want in?

Whether you feel like you are dealing with some low-level toxicity from day-to-day big city life, or whether you think high toxin levels may be driving your chronic, repetitive and recurrent health issues, Cellcore provides a type of binder for everyone.

There are four key binders:

  1. Biotoxin Binder - this is best for binding to fungal toxins such as mold, ammonia, candida (relevant if you have recurrent thrush), sulfur, and other mycotoxins. On top of this, they also bind to bacterial, viral by-products, and microplastics.

  2. Carboxy Binder - this reparative binder contains humic and fulvic acid compounds, electrolytes, and polysaccharides. Carboxy helps to repair any damage done to the cells of the body by the toxins, as well as increasing energy production for the body as a whole. This is a powerhouse of a binder 5X stronger than The Biotoxin Binder and is highly effective for those suffering from mold issues.

  3. The HM-Et Binder - the HM ET binder focuses on removing heavy metals (the ‘HM’) and environmental toxins (the ‘ET’) from the system, with the bioactive carbon molecules also helping to provide biological stepping stones for the body to heal itself.  
  1. The ViRadChem Binder - this binder focuses on targeting radioactive elements, viruses, and retroviruses on the cell membrane and chemical toxins in the body, all while delivering nutrients to the center of your cells. With a full-body systemic power, the ViRadChem binder is highly effective for a full-body detox.

Not sure which one is right for you? Reach out to a health practitioner but, whichever one you end up going for, we have no doubt that it’s going to help you propel your health journey forward.

Let’s get ready to bind.